Kleenex's world's first newsfeed game


You may have read about the brand new app that we’ve just launched for Kleenex in Marketing this week. It’s an app called the “Hay fever hub”, designed to promote Kleenex’s Balsam range to hay fever sufferers, and you can take a look at it here.

Kleenex Facebook newsfeed game

Why is it special? We’ll we’ve put in some nifty tweaks to make 2 of the modules completely interactive within the newsfeed.

We’ve seen executions like this before with services like 8thBridge’s Shoppable Stories making shop stores completely accessible within the newsfeed – and we challenged ourselves to come up with a way by which we could use this technology to engage with both existing Kleenex fans and the wider Facebook user base. We know already that the overwhelming majority of people interact with Facebook via their newsfeed, so when brainstorming about the game and campaign, we decided to try and do something that no other brand has done before – and make our  game app accessible in this way.

How does it work though? When you share the game or the pollen counter, your friends and family can not only see the post, but also play the game right then and there, without visiting the original tab at all. This means that we can engage with a much wider audience than if we were making people visit the tab before interacting with our content.

We’ve experimented with games before on the Kleenex page – which have proved to be very popular. Our last game, Lost Boxes, saw 87% of our total fans engaged with the campaign, the overwhelming majority of which were females aged 25-44 (right on target). With this in mind, we’re constantly looking for new ways to keep our fans engaged with Kleenex, and we’re hoping that this execution will prove to be as popular!

We’ll certainly keep you updated with the results, and we’re sure that more and more brands will be looking to utilise the power of  both gaming, and the newsfeed going forward.