Vote to see We Are Social at SXSW!


SXSW Interactive

Somehow it’s already that time of year again where we cast our minds forward to SXSW Interactive – the industry’s favorite celebration of sunshine, BBQ and beer with the odd inspirational session from the brightest minds in social media thrown in as a bonus.

In fact there are only two days left to vote in SXSW’s PanelPicker process, so it’s about time we shamelessly asked you to vote for the session ideas we’ve submitted…

Vote!Lost in Translation: Global Social Strategy #FAILS
Our co-founder and global MD Robin Grant and Simon Kemp from our Singapore office will be taking a look at global social strategy #FAILS. This dual presentation will cover covering how to create global social media strategies that work, how go about achieving buy-in from local markets and how to take into account the different patterns of social usage and user behaviors across the globe.

Vote!What They Are Not Telling You About Social TV
Ottavio Nava from our Milan office will be taking a look at Social TV, whether people are interested in what their friends are watching or if it’s just a marketing gimmick, what opportunities for brands exist within the space, and considers how things may develop over time, including what revenue models fit into this new digital playground.

Vote!Relationships & Social Media
Leslie Orsioli from our São Paulo office will take a look at brand relationships, the importance of a clearly-defined brand personality, gaining empathy with your audience through social content and whether a brand should adopt different approaches across different platforms.

Vote!Operationalizing Social Media For Large Enterprise
A joint panel from our co-founder and global MD Robin Grant, Milissa Parrish from Forrester, Eli Singer from Entrinsic and Matthew Nelson from Tribal DDB will tackle operationalizing social media in large enterprises. They’ll be discussing how to develop a corporate social media vision, who should be involved and what their roles and responsibilities should be, what plans you need in place to mitgate risk and what you should measure to define success.

Vote!Hot Asian Teens
Simon Kemp from our Singapore office will be taking a look at the online behavior and motivations of young people across Asia. In particular how different this audience is from the world we know in the West, how we can connect with them on their terms, what motivates their online behaviour, how do they actually access the web and social media and what they are using it for.

Vote!10 Reasons Why Companies Suck at Leveraging Social
Bastian Scherbeck from our Munich office will be outlining the 10 reasons why companies suck at leveraging social. Despite social being as established as it is, why is it that too many global businesses are still fumbling? Bastian will attempt to answer why so many companies fail to meet their business objectives when engaging in the social web, and what steps can be taken to optimise and define a social strategy for your business in the long-term.

Vote!Anatomy of a Conversation Agency
Gabrielle Cucinella from our Milan office will be dissecting what it is that makes a conversation agency tick in his session. He’ll be taking a look at how conversation agencies are organised and what kind of people work in them, where they sit in the wider agency mix and how to go about getting a job in one (outside the usual route of cash bribes / sending them surprise crates of chilled beer in the post).

Vote!Conversing with 140 characters in France
Sandrine Plasseraud from our Paris office will be discussing the specifics of social media in France. The French have their own traits and peculiarities online (it’s been suggested that no French person could express himself in only 140 characters!), meaning the rules of engagement can be slightly different. Sandrine will take a look at key trends and numbers from the French market and look at how to engage a French audience in social media.

Vote!You Talkin’ To Me?
Stefano Maggi from our Milan office will be taking a look at the uniqueness of social media in Italy and how it differs from the rest of the world and Europe, in particular the Italian attitude to conversation. Stefano will share case studies around the Italian approach to social media as well as well as look at sectors where Italy leads the way globally, and how it has developed its own approach.

Plenty there to keep your brain ticking over, even with a stomach lined with beer & BBQ. Get your votes in by August 31st by clicking on one or more of our submissions above, and we’ll see you in Austin!