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Simon Kemp

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Do you feel you could be achieving more in your career? Are you frustrated by the egos and silos that stop the best ideas coming to life? Do you wish you could work with more inspiring people who always try to find reasons why instead of reasons why not?

Then it’s time we had a chat.

Our Singapore team has been growing at an impressive rate since we opened two years ago, and we’re already more than 20 strong.

We’re not finished yet though, and we have big plans to grow quickly in the coming months, taking our vision for socially led marketing throughout Asia and beyond.

We’d love for you to be a part of that growth.

So, if you’d like to work with some of the most inspiring brands in the world and join a team of truly passionate social media enthusiasts, there’s never been a better time to get in touch.

We’re looking for people at every level of our team, but we have some immediate opportunities that we’re prioritising at the moment, as described below.

All roles are based in Singapore, so if you don’t live here already, you’ll need to be excited by the prospect of living and working in one of the world’s most vibrant and dynamic cities, be ready to move quickly, and be eligible to work here (we’ll help obtain the relevant visas for the right candidates, of course).

You’ll need to look for ways to stand out quickly and effectively, so don’t feel you need to rely on traditional applications – as a social media agency, we’re most likely to see a potential fit if you can engage us directly in social media as well as sending us your CV.

Native fluency in at least one East or Southeast Asian language and culture will also put you at an advantage for these roles, so be sure to highlight these skills in your application.

To help us respond as quickly as possible to your enquiry, please make sure you include the title of the role you’re pursuing in the subject of your email.

Group Account Director
You’re a seasoned team leader who knows how to nurture teams and build enduring relationships with senior clients across a variety of industries. You may not have extensive experience in social media, but you have at least 8 years of client-facing experience in marketing services roles, ideally in more than one country. Even if you’ve not had working experience in social media, you truly believe that social marketing holds the key to success for brands in today’s connected world, and you’d like to put your vision into practice with our existing clients and on new business development. You also know that agencies are businesses as well as idea centres, and you know how to ensure that accounts are as profitable as they are creative. Apply for this role here.

Account Director
You’ve built an impressive reputation with your clients over the past 5+ years, but you’d like to get to the future faster. You know how to earn the trust of clients and internal teams alike, and you’d like to help them all grow faster and take their thinking to the next level with you. Critically, you’re not just a client servicing person, and you know how to translate clients’ needs into world-class social media strategies and actionable plans. What’s more, you know how to communicate these strategies in compelling ways; you’re a strong presenter and public speaker, and you’re also great at writing clear and persuasive documents. You’re open-minded and highly curious, and you’re comfortable managing clients across diverse industries and countries. You’re also excited by a continuously expanding portfolio, and you’re looking for a role where your growth and success are determined by your own hunger. You’re looking for more business exposure too, and you’re comfortable building your own team and managing your own revenue targets. Apply for this role here.

Senior Account Manager
You’ve worked with a few different clients in the first 4+ years of your career, and now you’re ready to take on a more ambitious role. You’re highly skilled at bringing diverse skills and thinking together to create innovative solutions, and your proactivity and initiative ensures these ideas come to life quickly and effectively. At the same time, you understand that ideas must deliver tangible ROI to clients’ businesses, and you know how to guide and shape ideas so that they add real-world value that clients believe in. You also recognise the value of managing upwards, and see senior teams as an important resource rather than just your ‘boss’. Apply for this role here.

Account Executive
You’re just starting out in your career, but you’ve got big plans, and you’re determined to show the world you’re the best amongst your peers. You find yourself thinking about great ideas for social marketing even when you’re not at work, and you’d love to work with other enthusiasts to bring those ideas to life. You’re keen to work with some of the best minds around, and you’re hungry to learn a wealth of new skills. You like things to be well organised – perhaps you’re even a bit OC – and you know how to plan and use your time effectively. You work well under pressure, but you hate leaving things to the last minute, and you have a knack for making sure the people you work with can be efficient and effective too. You love diversity, and you’re always looking for opportunities to try something new. Apply for this role here.

Junior Designers
Do you have a wealth of ideas that you’d like to see come to life in the real world without waiting for months on end? Developing creative assets for social media is very different to a traditional advertising role; it’s fast paced, highly varied, and collaborative. Best of all, social media accounts allow you to conceive, develop and publish ideas in the real world within the space of just a few hours, and you can see the results for yourself almost immediately. Naturally, you’re already fully fluent in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, and you know how to use them to bring quality ideas to life very quickly. Critically, you embrace the importance of building consistent yet inspiring brand communications over time, and you like the idea of iterating and evolving ideas over time. Apply for this role here, and be sure to send us your portfolio (or a link to it) as part of your application.

Junior Copywriter
Social media relies on people who know how to spark and fuel engaging conversations, and copywriters are a vital part of the mix. We’re looking for a junior copywriter to take our creative ideas and community engagement activities to new levels, bringing innovative thinking and fresh ways of working to a fast-paced and constantly evolving environment. The process will be very different to the one you’d expect in a traditional advertising role, and you’ll often see your work come to life in the real world almost immediately. You’ll work with a variety of different teams and clients, and you’ll have the opportunity to redefine copywriting for the social age. Apply for this role here, making sure you use your creative skills to grab our attention and persuade us.

Research & Insight Executives – Bahasa Indonesia and Thai
Are you a native speaker of Bahasa Indonesia or Thai? Do you love people watching and wondering why people behave the way they do? Do you like exploring things in detail, looking for hidden trends and patterns? Then a role in our world-leading Research & Insight team may be for you. This role is all about listening to social media conversations and identifying the insights that will define the heart of our strategies and ideas. You’re not necessarily the most extrovert person, but you’re definitely social in your own way, and you’ve got a knack for understanding people’s motivations. You’re very comfortable analysing data, and you actually quite like the idea of looking for needles in haystacks. You’re exceptionally curious, and you’ll happily challenge accepted wisdom when you think there’s a better way. You’re not intimidated by technology, and you see Excel and statistical modelling as powerful tools rather than as intimidating monsters. Please note that you must be a native speaker of Bahasa Indonesia or Thai for these roles. A very high standard of written and spoken English is also critical. Apply for this role here.

We’re always happy to consider applications for internships, whether it’s for a few weeks or a few months. We’re especially interested in account management interns at this time, so if you’re looking for best possible start to your career, send us an application that persuades us you’re someone we can’t do without.

And for those of you not already here in Singapore (or wanting to make the move here), then bear in mind we’re also hiring in all of our other offices around the world – New York, London, Paris, Milan, Munich, Sydney & São Paulo.