Once Upon a Vine


A year ago today Twitter officially launched Vine.

2013 has turned out to be an astonishing year for app. It’s been embraced by the public and brands alike who have lept onto this platform determined to get one of their Vines to be one of the nine tweets a second containing a Vine link.

Who can blame them? Studies are showing that a branded Vine is four times more likely to be seen than a branded video. But despite this big opportunity and its six second time limit, some brands have still managed to bore the pants off the audience.

But it’s definitely not all bad and the top brands on Vine can only be applauded for using the platform in imaginative ways. Thanks to our friends at Brands on Vine we can see which brands were the most successful on the platform in 2013 (click through on the links below to see each brand’s Vine channel).

1) General Electric – G.E. wouldn’t be most people’s number one microvideo brand but they take the spectacle of the atom and bring it to life in hooky little vignettes that delight as much as they entertain. Does this help sell multi-billion pound infrastructure contracts? Possibly not directly, but it’s helped propel the brand through social media city at a greater rate than any other.

2) Lowe’s – A personal favourite of mine, I now only clean my taps with lemons. Lowe’s take a well deserved second place adding value through practical top tips around the home.

3) adidas – Fashion and sports were the leading categories in Vine’s inaugural year, mainly because of their capacity to give a behind the scenes view. Want to see a pro footy player kick a ball into a bin? Boom. Vine is your man.

4) Urban Outfitters – Urban Outfitters gives us tips, gags, cats and bad gig videos, in fact everything a grumpy teenager could possibly want.

5) Burberry – “A new digital platform? Go on then” – I’ve no doubt was mentioned by the marketing department at Burberry, who characteristically put them front and center of the Vine explosion and for good reason with a slew of top six second cinema.

As Michael Litman from Brands on Vine says:

“It’s still less than a year old but Vine has captured the hearts and minds of the creative community globally, creating a new form of community and celebrity”.

The winners on Vine in 2013 were creative, useful or funny. So if your Vines are not doing this in 2014 then you ain’t breaking into the top 5 this year.