#WeAreSkiing 2014


Last Thursday, 200 people from the London, Milan, Paris and Munich offices of We Are Social arrived in force in the town of Innsbruck, Austria; the Capital of the Alps. For the third year in a row, our annual skiing and inter-office bonding long weekend was about to commence. This year we were armed with more recruits, more enthusiasm, and possibly even more Jägermeister…

We were barely off the plane and the fun had started. This year, we’d taken over a whole hotel. Parties a plenty, the drinks were quickly flowing. Waking up at 7am for ski fittings was a challenge, but a challenge accomplished by (nearly) everyone.

It was then time to hit the slopes. Up on the mountain things were equally as eventful. A range of abilities; beginners and pros, skiers and snowboarders, all bonding in the common ground of bruised bottoms and sore calves. A couple of people took it even further, with a rescue (or two) by Ski-Doo, broken bones, and even a trip to the Austrian infirmary. Most of us, however, managed to return home in one piece. 99% isn’t too bad, right?

On Saturday night we had some awards in true We Are Social fashion, along with volunteers from each office to present a short ‘pitch’ to help the infamous We Are Social Beavers (an heirloom from #WeAreSkiing 2013) decide what office they should go to next. The drinks continued to flow, the Beavers were safely rehomed in Italy, a lot of dancing was done, and a certain birthday present proved a bit of a handful…

Skiing, partying and one too many McDonald’s aside, the trip was a great opportunity for our team across Europe to immerse themselves in the shared culture and values of We Are Social, make new friends, and have an a serious amount of fun. Mission accomplished! And if you’re really that interested in what we got up to, you can relive our experience through Instagram.

Until next time!