Helping the nation #LiveyoungJanuary


The results are now in from #LiveyoungJanuary – our campaign for evian to get commuters smiling during a cold, gloomy month. And the figures have lead to yet more smiles for our team.

The aim of #LiveyoungJanuary was to make sure the brand was always top-of-mind, so we set a different Live young mission for every day of the month.

Missions like these were shared on evian’s Facebook page and Twitter account – as well as in the Metro everyday, and in tube and train stations all around London. It was key we reached commuters as they marched to the office on the cold January mornings – so we hit every platform they usually see on the way to work.

People had lots of fun with our daily suggestions, especially on Twitter, where they were keen to show how they were embracing their inner child and living young in January.

And the results? Loads of happiness! Not only did #LiveyoungJanuary put smiles on the faces of commuters; it reached over 14 million and drove 18,000 online interactions.

Most importantly of all, evian saw a 19% year-on-year increase in sales over the same period last year. A great way for evian to kick off 2014.