We Are Social’s Monday Mashup #236


Digital to overtake TV ad spending
US Digital ad spending will overtake TV in 2016, according to new research by Forrester. By 2019, digital will account for 36% ($103bn) of all ad spending and, as if that wasn’t enough, next year we’ll have hoverboards and automatic dog walkers. Fine, that last bit’s from Back to the Future.

The graph below breaks down the progress within digital itself. Social media’s growth is set to be the strongest, followed by display advertising and search.

Screen Shot 2014-11-10 at 15.08.43

Facebook users can set limits on content from brands
Bad news, oversharers – Facebook is clamping down on you lot. The network will now allow users to access a list of how many posts they’ve seen from friends and pages in the last week, and set a limit on anyone that’s posting too much. Brands will have to be careful to ensure high content quality, or else find view quantity slips, too. Facebook produced the below video to explain the changes.

Snapchat planning new ad types and partners
Snapchat is planning to up its ad game. It is reportedly planning to introduce TV-style ads in ‘Our Stories’, allowing brands to either sponsor a whole ‘Our Stories’ or include branded snaps within a collection. That’s not all, either. It’s going to launch a ‘Discover’ tab, where users can find articles, music and video from some pretty big name partners. Now, time for a game of ‘name that logo’:

Screen Shot 2014-11-10 at 16.41.20

Hyundai Hank is Vine’s latest star
Hyundai is promoting its 2015 Sonata with an online action figure. ‘Hyundai Hank’ appears in seven different Vines, highlighting the various features of the car. More like Hyundai Hunk, amirite? No, I’m probably not. He’s an animation. Moving on…

Subway falls in love with National Sandwich Day
There’s no need to fear loneliness on Valentine’s Day when National Sandwich Day comes just nine months later. At least that’s what @Subway seems to think, as the restaurant chain used #NationalSandwichDay to reply to fans with some romantic, personalised content, in the form of images, gifs and Vines.

Fuller’s offers free pints on Twitter
Fuller’s, the London brewery, is offering a free pint to anyone who follows its Twitter account and sends a picture of their empty glass using #EmptyPint. Anyone free tonight?

The US election on social
Last week saw the US mid-term elections light up social media. Facebook was keen for people to vote and added a ‘megaphone’ announcement atop the News Feed, which showed the nearest polling station and encouraged those who had already voted to tell their friends. Of course, brands wanted in on the action, too. Here are some of the examples – of varying quality, as always.

Brands go social for Movember
While the USA was busy voting, the rest of the world was preparing its razor and getting Movember started. Naturally, so were brands. Fancy an example? Good, because you’re getting one.

Bonfire night and branded content
Wasn’t last week busy? For those that passed over the mid-terms and Movember as reactive opportunities, there was still Guy Fawkes’ Night. Yep, the UK’s traditional fireworks execution-fest took place on 5th November, accompanied by the usual branded content.