Coffee is never just ‘coffee’


We Are Social’s client services team in London is on the hunt for new talent; we’re currently looking to recruit an entrepreneurial and ambitious Account Director, as well as a fantastic Senior Account Manager. In this post, Dan Wheeldon, one of our Senior Account Managers, gives us the low-down into what working at We Are Social is really like. If you’re interested in joining the team, drop our recruiter Lauren Tibbetts an email.

About a year ago I was pleasantly surprised to receive a note from We Are Social inviting me over for a coffee and a chat. I knew who these guys were, everyone in digital does. They’re the ‘cool kids’ doing the best work in social. We all know what “come up for a coffee” means. A couple of weeks later we were Facebook official and I had moved in.


I soon discovered that the We Are Social demographic consists of intelligent, fun young things. Good-looking strategic types on the top floor, beardy be-speckled creative things downstairs. Actually that’s a lie – we’re ALL good looking and only one of the creative girls has a beard (probably a freelancer).

In recent years We Are Social has transitioned from edgy upstart to a major agency inhabiting 10 cities around the world. It comes with all the raiment of big agency life too, but it doesn’t feel like a big agency, not quite yet. And that’s probably a very good thing.

We’re widely regarded as the top social media agency in the world. Those are big fun shoes to traipse around in, but we have good people wearing those shoes, and the right leadership stamping healthy culture all over the place so it’s working well.

It’s a pretty buzzy place to work. We win great accounts, industry awards are plentiful, there are loads of socials, and everyone knows their stuff. I mean REALLY. I get schooled at least once a week on something innovative – often from junior peers (once by the cleaner). There’s a lot of dialogue between all of our offices and teams sharing the latest and greatest work from around the globe.

FlyEarth500_Micael_Reynaud (1)

Client services is where the rubber meets the road when it comes to working with clients to wrangle trust, and oversee projects to deliver excellent work. We have great clients too. We spend a lot of our time moving amongst all the sections in the building, managing resources, and getting the best work out of our very switched on teams. There’s plentiful experience walking the halls to steer through any stormy seas with style, and our clients know what we deliver so they trust us.

Since starting here I’ve worked on some very large brands. In fact I guarantee you’ve worn or imbibed several of their products this week. From iconic snack foods, to tech legends and sports giants, we get to work with some global big hitters. We get to be creative too. As I write this it’s Wednesday and I’ve already been on two photo-shoots (in our shiny new studios), helped create two videos, and signed off a nice little budget for a Christmas campaign. Now that I think of it I should probably get strategy to hone in on that brief or the creative team may propose something involving zoo animals and a hot air balloon again.

Healthy things grow, which is definitely the state of things for We Are Social in London at the moment. We have an incredible big new office space full of comfy couches and cozy corners. It’s telling of our direction – bigger, cooler, better, and we’re creating space to bring more people along with us.


Check out our current job openings and pop up for a coffee sometime. 😉