We Are Social’s Monday Mashup #280


Marketers’ content budgets set to rise
A report by Forrester has revealed that a quarter of marketers raised their content marketing budgets by 30% or more over the last year. Ryan Skinner, senior analyst at Forrester has attributed this to to various factors, including the shift from traditional media to online, particularly among millennials; customers’ self-directed research during the purchasing journey and ad blocking.

As content marketing continues to grow, social will play an even more significant role in content strategies. A recent study from The Content Marketing Association (CMA) found that 80 per cent of the 100 senior marketers that they interviewed said they would increase the use of social within content marketing strategies next year, while 75 per cent planned to invest more in owned social media.

Facebook tempts retailers with two new e-commerce features
Following the recent news of Pinterest upping its buyable pins from 30 million to 60 million, Facebook has made its next tactical move in the Race For The Retailers (© Laura Muldoon 2015). It consists of two features; the first of which is a speedy landing page that appears when, let’s say for argument’s sake, a user perhaps sees a nice piece of chunky knitwear they fancy as the festive period creeps towards us. As if by magic an in-app landing page appears with more details and then one click later, the aforementioned chunky knit garment can be purchased.

facebook_opt (1)Roll up! Get your country casuals here.

The second feature is a tab which collates all the shoppable items you might be interested in in one place, like the events and groups tabs which we’re already used to.

fb2_optClick here for some good ol’ fashioned shopping.

So who will win the Clamber for the Christmas Consumer (© Laura Muldoon 2015)? Stayed tuned for the next instalment, coming soon.

Facebook reportedly testing new Notify app for real-time news
Facebook is reported to be testing an app called Notify, which will let its users monitor news and be alerted to stories as they happen. So the next time Justin Bieber’s wang is out, you’ll know about it in seconds and not end up as the last person to know, AGAIN. The app works by letting users select which ‘providers’ and ‘stations’ they’d like to receive notifications from. It looks like it’s due to launch within the next month.

An artist's impression of NotifyAn artist’s impression of Notify

Twitter offers advertisers improved data around ad effectiveness
New data is being made available to marketers by Twitter via conversion lift reports. These reports will shed light on whether Twitter ads are actually helping you achieve your business goals; whether that’s clicks, subscriptions or encouraging users to trade their spouses in for younger models. This new reports offers more detailed analysis than previously available, with custom data concerning devices and specific recommendations on how to improve.

Pinterest ups location capturing, probably to make more money
Pinterest has begun automatically capturing location data from its 100 million-plus users who use Place Pins (a product which allows users to pin places or locations they’d like to visit). Each pinned place will now also show on a map and include contact information and opening hours. Although Pinterest is highlighting the improvements this will make in terms of user experience, is it a wholly altruistic move 👼? Adam Epstein, president, COO of adMarketplace says:

Now, by default they are going to be collecting geolocation data. They are already collecting user-intent data. Both of those can be used to set themselves up nicely in the performance marketing space.

A chicken is tweeting for a fast food brand – sure
You know what makes me feel good* about myself? When I have to write about someone else writing about a chicken doing my job. I have spent three years trying to make my job seem worthwhile to my parents, now to be confronted by a chicken, called Betty, basically doing the same thing as me and getting WAY more credit for it. Chicken Treat, an Australian food chain has hired Betty to run their Twitter account in the hope that she’ll be the first ever chicken to tweet a five-letter word and therefore obtain a Guinness World Record before 30th October. Well Elizabeth, you’ve got 11 days left and seeing as so far you’ve only managed to peck out ‘bum’, I think I’m longer for this world than you are pet.

*very very bad