We Are Social: Curiosity Stop #11

Social Thinking

The innovators behind this month’s Curiosity Stop get their audience. They haven’t produced something they reckon is quite cool, closed their eyes and flung it into the universe with fingers and toes crossed. The best innovations are a response to a collective need or behaviour, and we’ve collated some of the very best (and newest) in this month’s social innovation roundup.

Brianna Rader, founder of app Juicebox, gets that no teen enjoys (or learns much from) sex ed. She probably had her own traumatic experience trying to stretch a condom over a banana. So, Rader decided to meet teens where they are – not in the classroom, but on their phones. Juicebox is fun first, education second. Teens can ask swipe left to ‘Snoop’ – ask sexual health professionals (sexperts, if you will) whatever question they like. Or they can ‘Spill’ their own sex stories, and upvote other gruesome tales. For today’s teens, the anonymous, short-form, swipe right format of communication has become the norm. So why not use it to educate?

Screen Shot 2016-05-25 at 16.59.54

The folks at Pedigree get that we love to share the minutiae of our daily lives. The other thing they get? Lots of us go crazy for a pic of a pup. With The Posting Tail by Pedigree, pets can post to Facebook themselves. The Posting Tail is a dog vest with a Raspberry Pi processor and accelerometer that can tell how excited your dog is by its tail wags. When your pet gets really excited, the in-built camera will snap a photo and upload it to Facebook. Start practising your duck face, Fifi.


Go on, have a read of the Curiosity Stop. If nothing else, it’s a great reminder of that age-old (but oft forgotten) lesson in marketing: Know. Your. Audience.