We Are Social’s Curiosity Stop #13


In our roundup in this month’s Curiosity Stop we’ve gathered together some truly dynamic innovations that will make you stop and think. From a Ghostbot that rejects people by text, to a new car with an in-built AI who learns your preferred routes and restaurants. This post provides just a little insight into some of the innovations included in the report. Enjoy.

Take the new political dating app ‘Better Together Dating’. This social innovation was created to help anti-Brexiters, distraught by the ‘leave’ victory, to find love with those who count themselves among the 48%.

Screen Shot 2016-08-19 at 10.26.59

Wearable Social is continuing to drive new and exciting innovations. Getting children to do what they’re told is a mission and a half sometimes, so we’re sure the Octopus Watch will be a very welcome addition to many households. The watch acts like an assistant, providing tips and reminders for kids and their parents. It’s icon-based to teach kids good habits and the concept of time, and parents can pre-schedule in certain activities for kids to do like brushing their teeth. The Octopus Watch is a prime example of how technology can actually be used in a positive way to improve the habits of youngsters.


Our On The Horizon trends are innovations we believe could become big in the future. Take Pillo for example, which shows how we may increasingly trust technology to play an even bigger role in how we take care of ourselves and loved ones. Pillo is a carer robot that answers your health queries, manages your medication and even orders refills on your behalf, all from the comfort of your own home. No more asking Google and self-diagnosing a fatal disease and impending death. Hooray.

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As always, our trend spotters have been hard at work this month keeping up to date with innovations to bring you the latest and the best. So enjoy this month’s Curiosity Stop report and remember to keep an eye open as the trends develop in the future. You saw it here first.