We Are Social launches #MadeForYou YouTube campaign

Client work
We Are Social has worked on some fantastic projects for YouTube in our time, from saving the world with #OursToLose to raising awareness of anxiety with our #DontPanicButton campaign. But this autumn, we have been working on something completely different.

#MadeForYou is a new integrated marketing campaign created by We Are Social for YouTube. It is designed to celebrate the diverse talent on the platform and their impact on popular culture. In the UK alone, close to 200 channels have over a million subscribers and YouTube’s biggest creators are now household names, whose influence on popular culture is profound. #MadeForYou is designed to pay homage to this thriving video-based economy and engine for pop culture, by taking the content of these creators to an even wider audience through a multi-platform campaign.

YouTube has run campaigns every year to celebrate its creators but this is the first to showcase such a wide number of them. #MadeForYou celebrates 18 established and up-and-coming YouTube creators based in the UK, including filmmakers, musicians, comedians, spoken word poets, scientists and modest-fashionistas, who together have over 48 million subscribers to their YouTube channels. These fantastically talented bunch are: Colin, Dina, Humza, Suli, Caspar, Scola, Oli, Kaushal, TomSka, Jemma, Vikkstar, Joe, Patricia, Emma, Lindy, Louise, Marcus and Tanya. With over a billion users worldwide and watchtime growing at 60% year-on-year, YouTube’s ad-funded platform is a powerful tool for advertisers to connect with highly engaged audiences.

The campaign will run until December 12th and will feature bold out-of-home activations and innovative ad experiences to showcase both the content and impact of YouTube creators. Highlights include video spots across 275 cinema screens, digital escalator panels in tube stations, Oxford Street bus shelter takeovers, wraps of London’s Routemaster buses and a 360 wrap of Oxford Circus.

Digital ads will run across Google properties and include a 360º YouTube campaign masthead for the duration of the campaign, which allows viewers to navigate around the masthead and explore the unique worlds of each creator featured. Ads will also run on partner websites including The Telegraph, Time Out and VICE, with VOD spots on Sky, Channel 4, ITV, VICE and Mashable.

The campaign will also run an innovative cinema buy, dubbed “programmatic cinema” using Digital Cinema Media’s targeting capabilities and YouTube Trueview data. For the first time, the YouTube ad played before the film will match the projected preferences of the film-viewing audience, based on that ad’s performance mapped by TrueView.

#MadeForYou has been an immensely exciting project to work on and we are extremely proud to have taken part. Keep your eyes peeled for the campaign’s ambassadors!