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Facebook launches Stories-clone

Facebook users around the world now have access to the new Facebook Camera interface which allows you to post personalised stories. Just like with Instagram and Snapchat, you can add graphics and overlays to photos and videos. This new feature is not yet available for brands or businesses.

Instagram introduces new Stories alert

You can now tell when someone you follow has posted a new Instagram story thanks to a colourful alert ring that appears around their profile picture on the home feed.

Facebook launches Personal Fundraisers and live donate button

Facebook is launching a beta version of a fundraising feature that allows users to set up pages that can accept donations for a range of causes. The feature will launch first in the U.S for those over 18 years old, before being rolled out further depending on its uptake. Facebook is also rolling out a donate button for live videos on verified accounts.

Facebook is relaxing its rules on branded content

Branded content can now be shared by more pages and the company has also reviewed its policy and enforcement guidelines which will allow more branding to feature in video content.

Facebook Live 360 launches for all pages and profiles

You can now stream live 360 video on your Facebook page. All you need is a 360-compatible camera and you’re off. It is reported that Facebook’s 360 Audio will soon follow – the aural equivalent of 3-D video, for your ears.

Twitter no longer includes @usernames in character count

Twitter handles will no longer make up part of a tweet’s character count. Replies will now feature above the tweet, helping you to say more and reduce the clutter caused by handles and hashtags.

Pinterest partners up with Samsung for visual search

Photo-sharing site Pinterest will power the visual search functionality on the new Samsung S8 smartphone, making it the perfect phone for those planning a wedding or making tray bakes.

Marriott works with influencers on new Snapchat campaign

Marriott Hotels has partnered with four influencers to create a Snapchat campaign to promote its Rewards loyalty program. They’ve got Spectacles on and aren’t afraid to use them!