Dancing to success with Acer

Client work

Drumroll please… our team here at We Are Social in China has picked up another award for our work with Acer. The Special Award for Innovation at China’s Top Digital Awards follows our win for the same campaign at the Asia-Pacific Excellence Awards for Content Marketing, so we’re doubly delighted.

Here’s what we did.
Last year Acer unveiled the thinnest laptops in both the convertible and notebook segments, the Spin 7 and Swift 7, at international consumer electronics conference IFA. They then approached us to create some branded content to promote the new product series. In response, we developed #SpinMeToLife and #DareToBeSwift for the Spin and Swift series.

These two campaigns were built on artistic collaborations between Acer and music producers, bands, dancers and stylish performers, creating an array of stunning video and music content.

#DareToBeSwift promoted the new ultra-slim Acer Swift 7, collaborating with world-class ballet dancers and performers from the United States. We created three short films that showcase how the power, elegance, and flow of ballet dancers’ movements resonate with the features of the Acer Swift 7.

The dynamic content also leveraged authenticity that drove buzz in the ballet/dance scene, tying the elegance of ballet to Acer’s new Swift 7. Hyper-targeted ads to people involved in the dance scene resulted in a positive reaction from popular dance publications such as Dance Spirit and Dance Magazine. There was a lot of positive feedback that a brand actually worked with real dancers, unlike the negative reactions to the Vogue ballet-themed campaign with Kendall Jenner last year.

#SpinMeToLife promoted the Acer Spin 7 360-convertible laptop. We showed how this laptop suits creativity and flexibility for life on-the-go. We traveled with musical artists to London and let them create music with the Spin and launched video content about their journeys and creative processes.

A video-storytelling approach involving real talent with real fans let viewers understand the key benefits of the Acer Spin 7 while leaving a strong emotional impression on them with the power of music. French house DJ Fred Falke, British vocalist Jake Isaac, and US Future Soul band Exmag all produced music for the campaign, hosted on Acer’s new Soundcloud account, which is new territory for the brand in terms of social platforms.

These final pieces from both campaigns were promoted on social platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, as well as Soundcloud, where music produced from the #SpinMeToLife campaign was sponsored.

With such a positive consumer response, over 15 million video views and 621k engagements, the campaigns were a resounding success. Thanks to the talented team here at We Are Social in China, as well as our brilliant clients at Acer. We’re looking forward to producing more award-winning work in the future.