We Are Social’s Monday Mashup #360

Social network user figures soar

New data from eMarketer has shown that this year, 2.46 billion individuals, or one-third of the global population and 71.0% of internet users, will access social networks at least once a month, up 8.2% from 2016. This has been attributed to more mobile phone availability and mobile coverage expansion.

Another stunning figure is that WeChat users in China are set to surpass 490 million – that’s half of the country’s population that’ll be using the app in 2017.

New study finds that even bad online reviews can be good for business
A new study from Northwestern University’s Spiegel Research Centre has revealed that even negative online reviews for retailers can be a good thing in drumming up business. This was proved by the fact that retailers who display online reviews see conversion rates rise by as much as 270%. It has been found that 82% of shoppers seek out negative reviews, and by interacting with them spend four times longer on sites, which boosts conversion rates by 67%. All I can say is: you are very welcome overpriced grocery box service which never arrives on time!

The ads are coming… To Facebook Messenger

With reports that the Facebook main platform and Instagram are saturated with ads, Facebook has announced that it will be rolling out ads to the Facebook Messenger app in the US. I for one definitely can’t wait to get all my pregnancy test reminders straight to my inbox!

Facebook Spaces incorporates Facebook Live

Facebook Spaces, which was launched at F8 back in April has now incorporated Facebook Live, so people can carry out VR live streams. Comments will pop up in real time as viewers post them and will appear in the VR world as physical objects which can be grabbed and moved to be highlighted.

Facebook tests targeting custom audiences based on engagement with Instagram business profiles

Facebook appears to be testing a new ability to target audiences with ads on Facebook based on whether they have engaged with your Instagram business profile. You can also specify a time period within which this engagement happened.

Facebook ads to come to Marketplace?

Is there a place Facebook won’t put an ad nowadays? The platform has confirmed that it is testing ads in its Marketplace area on a small test group before deciding to move forward with them or not. Now please excuse me, I’m just off to remove the Facebook ad I found in my… well the less about the specifics the better.

Wuh oh! Snap Inc. shares fall below IPO price for first time
They say you never forget your first time… And Snap Inc. certainly won’t forget this blow to the finances as their share price falls below the IPO price for the first time – ouchy. After an initial surge straight after their IPO, investors are questioning its future growth prospects, and as a result its share price has turned out to be as ephemeral as many of its Snaps.

LinkedIn tests a new mentorship scheme

LinkedIn has started testing a free service which matches members with professionals who can give them career advice. The way it works is simple: users will have a dedicated spot within their profile called a ‘dashboard’ where the ‘career advice hub’ will live. It’s here where you can sign up to either be a mentor or a mentee. When you have entered your preferences, LinkedIn’s algorithm will offer up matches which you can swipe through and select. If both parties agree, you will be able to start talking. What impeccable timing as I have totally exhausted Tinder!

LinkedIn Campaign Manager gets a makeover
Guys, don’t tell anyone in case we start a riot but LinkedIn Campaign Manager has had a makeover and it’s HELLA streamlined. Seriously, this is top secret, hot goss, straight from the top and we don’t want the tabloids getting on to it! Get ready with a cold shower, as this update is one hell of a sexy one. If you’re a media manager, here’s what you’re gonna get: More guidance when you need it! More intuitive navigation! And easier access to your account assets – ooo er!

Ikea uses influencers for back to school campaign on Snapchat
Ikea has launched a back to school campaign on Snapchat targeting millennials and pushing them towards products to furnish their dorms with. They have used pop music and web comedy duo Superfruit, who have created an interactive video, which involves a quiz to help them work out which products would suit their needs best. Snapchat has been accused of not helping creators build big audiences and instead concentrating as marketing the platform for one-to-one communications with friends, and Ikea has taken note, using ads to make people aware of the influencers’ activity.

Mazda makes car-crash Facebook ad

Literally, Mazda has created a full screen Facebook ad which looks like a car crash to raise awareness about scrolling and driving. Great work!

Twitter and the Royal Opera House pen some emoji operas

Twitter and The Royal Opera House have joined forces to celebrate World Emoji Day in style by using just emoji to tell the stories of famous operas and ballets. They’ll be a new tweet every 30 minutes and people who guess the work correctly, could be in with a chance of winning tickets.