We Are Social’s Monday Mashup #375

Facebook tears Q3 a new one despite Russia meddling allegationsDespite the fact that Facebook just got off the stand at Capitol Hill hearings over Russian meddling (“everything would have been fine if it wasn’t you for you damn Russians!” *shakes fist*) in the 2016 US presidential election, they have posted a year on year profit increase of 79%, significantly exceeding Wall Street predictions. Monthly active users are also up 3.19% on Q2, so it doesn’t look like the platform misuse allegations have done much to dampen its popularity.

Always read the small print though …
After releasing their Q3 earnings and results, some noticed in the small print that Facebook also disclosed it could have tens of millions of fake or duplicate accounts on its books. 2-3% of its 2.1 billion users in Q3 were labelled as “user-unclassified and undesirable accounts” and another 10% were duplicates of real users equalling almost 270 million ‘illegitimate’ accounts.

Ad Blocker’s back with a vengeance on Facebook. This time it’s personal.
Ad Blocker has worked long and hard to block ads on Facebook and it has had some level of success in the past. Last year it managed to release updates which would stop promoted posts appearing on users’ feeds on desktop but it would usually only last a couple of days before Facebook came up with a work around. It disappeared, seemingly defeated last year until 26th September this year. It’s now been going strong for other a month, but with just 13% of Facebook’s ad revenue coming from desktop, it’s just a fly in the money ointment really.

Facebook supercharges poll feature with gifs
Do you like the idea of being able to do polls on Facebook using gifs?

hillary clinton no GIFjack nicholson yes GIF

Facebook announces new tools to fine tune your campaigns

Facebook is helping you get smarter with campaigns by introducing two new exciting tools. First up – creative split testing – sounds painful, I know! This should be available now-ish through Business Manager and lets you change different elements of your creative to see which performs better. They are also testing Test and Learn, a software which gives you a range of questions to choose from and a test that might give you more insight into what works best with your audience.

Facebook adds three extra features for travel brands to Dynamic ads
Facebook is giving travel brands a leg up with its Dynamic ads. First of all, travel brands can now promote flights to users based on browsing histories or up sell on flights they’ve recently purchased. Broad audience targeting means they can promote relevant hotel deals to customers who are most likely to book (flights will also be coming soon). It can also add on which of your friends has already visited that destination to trowel on a bit of added FOMO. Brands will also have the option of overlaying promotions and prices onto creative and using the new Collection ad format to get you booking that winter sun getaway.

Instagram Story previews double in size

The thing is with Instagram stories is, I don’t think watching them will be included in ‘the top ten traits of successful people pt. 2’ book any time soon. I don’t think Richard Branson watches them on the loo is all I’m saying. And just when you manage to tear yourself away from them, Instagram announces it’s going to make the previews that interrupt your normal Instagram TWICE as big. I mean, it’s like having an AA meeting in a brewery. GIVE US A CHANCE to live our lives!

All advertisers will be able to send sponsored messages on Messenger

In the coming months, all advertisers will be able to send you sponsored messages on Facebook Messenger. Previously this has only been a privilege of a few selected brands but do not fear, the same rules apply and you can only receive ads if you’ve communicated with brands before on the app. So ya know, if you get them – you brought it on yourself basically.

Snapchat ineveitably starts pixel tracking
2015: Snapchat’s CEO calls pixel advertising “creepy”.
2017: Snapchat rolls out pixel tracking for advertisers.

Ben & Jerry’s create Facebook AR marshmallow game

To promote a new limited edition marshmallow flavour, Ben & Jerry’s and 360i have paired up to create a Facebook AR filter which challenges you to catch five marshmallows in your mouth. It also pops a pair of spectacles on you because… well it’s just always a winner isn’t it. The Facebook filter is part of a bigger campaign to launch the ice cream brand’s newest partnership with Jimmy Fallon.