We Are Social’s Monday Mashup #396

You can now buy products from Snapchat lenses
Well bite me on the bum and call me Beyonce, Snapchat has announced that advertisers can now add website links on to sponsored photo filters and also users can buy products, watch longer promotional videos or install apps all from within the platform. Companies can pay extra to be the first lens that shows up to more than half of the 13-to-34-year-olds in the U.S. who use a Snapchat AR lens each week on average.

Build your own face filter on Snapchat

Snapchat is expanding what creators can make for the platform. After introducing the Lens Studio platform, which let users build AR objects, they have now released seven templates which can be used to create digital masks. Templates range in complexity from adding on a natty hat right up to creating 3D objects to attach to your head if that’s what floats your boat.  

Snapchat Crocs filter goes viral

So no one wants to wear Crocs on their feet, but it turns out 4 MILLION people want to virtually wear one on their head. Hmm. The people over at Crocs were very happy when their Snapchat filter took off, and these 4 million people tried a Croc filter out for size in just one week.

Facebook is putting more pre-rolls in more places
After Zuckerberg himself banned them previously from the platform, pre-rolls are back with a vengeance. They crept back a while ago, but now after seeing promising results from placements in Watch content, Facebook has decided to start testing them in other locations, like where people search for video or on a Page timeline.

Reddit more engaging than…. porn.
That got your attention didn’t it? Now let me show you how we got to that shocking statement. It has been reported that Reddit has seen a large surge in users over the last year, even overtaking Twitter in monthly active users. It’s the sixth most visited site in the world. But when it comes to engagement (how long people spend on a site), it outstrips all other from all categories (even ‘adult’). WELL, not in my household my friend.

Heinz release ‘Mayochup’ after Twitter poll demands it

After 500,000 ‘yes’ votes, Heinz has said it will release a mayo, ketchup hybrid, the working title is ‘Mayochup’ but now that is also going to be at the behest of the public on social. My vote is definitely on ‘Ketcho’.