We Are Social’s Monday Mashup #472

Facebook updates its reporting tools with new features
Facebook has added new options to its reporting features to help advertisers better understand the performance of their ad campaigns. The new updates include cross-account reporting, which enables brands to see metrics across multiple ad accounts and a custom metric-building feature, allowing advertisers to tailor metrics within reports to match their business goals. These new tools build on Facebook’s Conversion Paths reporting feature, a publisher-level report in Facebook Attribution, which launched earlier this year.

Twitter unveils new Privacy Center, complete with privacy updates
Last week, Twitter launched its new Twitter Privacy Center, a single destination for users and partners to find all information relating to its privacy policies, announcements, new products and details about incidents that occur. As part of the launch, Twitter has also shared some updates to its terms of use which are set to take effect on 1st January. Among these, the social network has focused on clarifying its intellectual property license that people agree to when they use its services.

YouTube culls ‘closed accounts’ and says brands may see a drop
In a Community Update last week, YouTube announced that it has removed a “higher than usual” number of closed accounts (accounts either closed by the user or by the platform for violating account policies) as part of routine maintenance. As a result, YouTube has warned brands and channel owners they may see a drop in subscriber numbers. However, as all of the accounts were inactive, the move shouldn’t affect metrics such as view time.

Reddit reports 30 per cent growth in monthly active users
As part of its year-end retrospective, Reddit announced last week that its user base grew to 430 million monthly active users, representing a 30 per cent growth this year to-date. Along with its user and community growth figures, the platform also shared that it’s seen monthly comments and views increase by 37 per cent and 54 per cent, respectively. However, while these numbers all spell a good year for Reddit, its key page views and revenue data were rather conspicuously absent from the report.

Ones to watch
Instagram has announced that it will begin asking new users for their date of birth, in an attempt to crack down on underage users and will use the data to educate people about settings and new privacy controls. However, this will not extend to users already on the platform.

Snapchat has confirmed that on 18th December, it will be rolling out Snapchat Cameos to iOS and Android users globally. The new feature will allow users to replace the faces of people in videos with selfies, which can then be shared on the platform.

And, finally, the platform has also announced it is exploring ways to make its limited-edition Spectacles x Gucci by Harmony Korine (an exclusive 50-pair run of Spectacles 3 camera sunglasses) more widely available in the future.