We Are Social’s Monday Mashup #657


Snapchat introduces new parental controls 

Snapchat is introducing new parental controls which will allow parents to restrict their teenagers from using the app’s AI chatbot. These new controls come almost a year after the AI bot launched on the app.

Parents will also be able to view their teen’s privacy settings and have easier access to Family Center. This includes being able to see who their child’s account can share their Story with, who can see their location on Snap Map and who has directly contacted them on the app. Snapchat is also making the Family Center easier to find for Parents who may be unaware of the app’s parental controls. 

WhatsApp launches custom sticker maker on iOS

WhatsApp is rolling out a new custom sticker maker, now allowing users to draw on top of existing stickers, add text or even layer a sticker on top of another. 

WhatsApp for the web already has a sticker-making tool, but the new customizable feature on the mobile app is much more practical. The only downside is that you can only edit stickers if your device runs on anything older than iOS 17. 

Meta to restrict teen accounts from seeing harmful content

Meta is going to limit the type of content that teens can see on both Instagram and Facebook. These accounts will automatically have restrictions applied to prevent harmful content being seen. 

Users will still be allowed to share content about their own struggles but Meta’s policy will make these posts  harder for other teenage users to find. The content will also be hidden in Feed and Story posts, even if it has been shared by someone the teen account follows. And, when users search for terms related to these topics, Meta will instead display expert resources for help on the matter.

TikTok launch Valentine’s Day marketing guide 

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, TikTok has shared a new guide to help marketers tap into the event, and create more resonant campaigns in response to key trends among TikTok users.

The guide includes insights into the popularity of the event in the app, popular hashtags, an overview of the products that users are most interested in and a guide to best practices and planning advice. 

In Other News 

OpenAI launches another paid version of ChatGPT. YouTube makes it easier to find information on first aid care. X removes support for NFT profile pictures. Tumblr Live is shutting down. And YouTube adds simplified tools to edit long form clips into Shorts and slows down site for users with ad blockers.