We're proud to be social


As you may have read in Campaign or The Drum, Graham Jenks and James Nester have joined us as our new Creative Directors in London. James and Graham’s 2012 campaign ‘The Gnome Experiment’ was the only UK campaign to win both Direct and Digital awards at the Cannes Lions in 2012. It was also the world’s most awarded direct campaign of the year in the 2012 Big Won report, where the pair were also named the UK’s top creative team and 4th in the world. Here’s why they’re proud to be social…

Graham and James

We Are Social is already the world’s most respected specialist social media agency. Now it’s time to become one of the world’s most creative agencies.

Graham and I joined because we believe we have everything here to achieve that; the clients, the expertise, the passion, the coffee machine.

Great advertising has always been socially shared: Orange Tango Man and Bud’s ‘Wazzup?!’ were both brilliant memes.

But the wall has fallen. Never before have brands and consumers shared such an intimate two-way relationship.

Brands are the same as the rest of us. They want people to like, respect and be loyal to them. We’ve all been alive long enough to know real relationships are won on an emotional level. And we now have exciting new tools available to us to generate real affection.

For us, working with the team here at We Are Social, the opportunity is enormous: to use social thinking to redefine marketing.

We’re up for it.