We Are PRWeek's No. 1 Digital Agency


We’ve had one hell of a year here at We Are Social. In the last 12 months we’ve turned five, launched a paid media offering, brought on board a Global COO, and here in London, a Head of Strategy, an Editorial Director and the UK’s most awarded creative directors. We’ve picked up some incredible clients, won plenty of awards and grown our team to 350 people worldwide.

We’ve also experienced another huge year financially, with a 91% increase in UK revenue – which placed us firmly in No. 1 position of PRWeek’s ‘Top 50 Digital Agencies’ report, revealed last week.

Part of what’s allowed us to grow so successfully is that in the five years since we started We Are Social, we’ve helped change brands’ attitudes towards social media. Our clients embrace social media as a crucial discipline in their marketing mix, treating us as an equal partner alongside their other agencies.

We’re now looking ahead to the next five years of We Are Social. We’ll be changing brands’ attitudes even further, by putting social thinking at the centre of marketing.

If you’d like to be part of that journey, then get in touch.