Siemens: The Manager's Call


As you may have read in MashableDigiday or Click Z, we’re working with The Siemens Graduate Program to help find the brightest minds across the world to enter its two-year development program, to train the Siemens managers of tomorrow.

The SGP asked us to find a way to use social media to bring people from all regions of the world under the umbrella of the SGP, while raising the profile of the Program as the first choice for forward thinking graduates.

We decided to use the existing diversity of the SGP’s participants to inspire the campaign. People all across the world face different issues and challenges from region to region, but, one thing that remains consistent is that bright young people – our business leaders of tomorrow – love sharing knowledge, creating debate and expressing their views, regardless of where they live.

We created ‘The Manager’s Call’, a campaign that uses Tumblr to host a global debate across a huge variety of issues, accessible to anyone in the world. Active participants of the SGP can upload blog articles to the Tumblr site, which are then tagged with the writer’s location, as well as a hashtag describing the subject they are writing on, such as #roleofwomen and #socialrevolution.

Those who want to get involved in the conversation can simply plug into the discussion by connecting through Facebook to the blog and start commenting and liking posts.

This was one of the campaign’s key elements – by implementing a Facebook app that uses Tumblr content to interact with, we established a bridge to a completely new social media environment, exploring the new possibilities that come with this platform extension.

To make it engaging and to incentivise participation to those outside the SGP, we used a gamification element. Those who get involved in the discussions are awarded points for commenting, as well as if others ‘like’ their comments – and the more they get involved, and actively and intelligently engage in the global dialogue, the more chance they will have to win the personal attention of one of the Siemens management team.

We’re already seeing some incredibly stimulating debates flowing in from around the world.

A community of a very specific group of deeply engaged people has formed, creating meaningful debate and sparking the desire to actually work with a forward thinking organisation like Siemens.