The Greatest Social Media Pub Quiz Ever


It’s Social Media Week. And, as we ARE social, we’ve been busy getting involved. On Tuesday evening, we held “The Greatest Social Media Pub Quiz in the World”, following up on last year’s successful event. Of course, while it’s all a bit of fun, Social Media Week is actually a very serious learning experience. So here’s what we found out:

There are a lot of Arsenal fans out there
“Overbook your event!” warned Social Media Week organisers. However, after we announced the day before the quiz that, thanks to our friends at Ticketmaster, we had an actual first prize – a box at the Emirates to watch Arsenal take on the mighty Norwich, we were inundated with requests for extra tickets. The event was completely sold out, with around 100 social media enthusiasts packed into Ticketmaster’s Imperial Bar in Angel. Come on you Gunners.

Stairs are so 2012
I don’t think there will be one person who didn’t go back to their boss the next day and protest at having to enter their office via boring old stairs.

Margaret Thatcher probably invented soft scoop ice-cream
While most of the quiz was themed around social media and the internet, with interesting facts about Chinese social networks, dangerous online celebs and Kanye West’s tweeting habits, we also found out that Baroness Thatcher probably helped invent Mr Whippy ice-cream. We’re not sure how that question slipped through the net – sorry.

The iPhone 10 will be shaped like a banana
When we asked our teams to design their prediction of an iPhone 10, the overwhelming favourite was a banana shaped hologram phone (squint at the 5th ‘phone’ up in the picture below). You saw it here first.

Trust no-one
Mitch, whoever you are – you should be ashamed of yourself.

All in all, the event was a huge success, so thank you to all the teams who turned up and made it a great evening, and of course congratulations to the imaginatively named Table 4, who picked up the first prize. See you all again next year!