Wiggling to Wimbledon success


The fuss about Wimbledon may have calmed down some time ago. But we’re still excited. Why? Because the results of our Wimbledon Wiggle campaign for evian are in and ready to share.

If you like the sound of vintage tennis, Maria Sharapova, Jonathan Ross, funny eagles, babies, theme parks, strawberries, cream and a really successful social media strategy all rolled up and sprinkled with a healthy dose of wiggle-action, this is probably the perfect campaign for you.

The aim was to increase conversation about evian by bringing their ‘Live young’ twist to Wimbledon – an exceedingly traditional British institution. The campaign revolved around that cheeky booty-shake tennis players make when they’re awaiting their opponent’s serve. We turned it into a dance move called the Wimbledon Wiggle.

Of course, any self-respecting dance move needs its own dance track. So we commissioned one from up and coming band Tiger Monkey. And any decent dance track needs its own music video – so we made one of those too.

This drove thousands of people to a Facebook hall of fame where anyone could upload their own wiggles. (We saw hundreds of very funny interpretations from men, women, children and even animals.) The best Wiggles were broadcast on outdoor screens across London every day before the live BBC coverage of the tournament started.

The Wiggle worked. Over 80,000 people engaged with evian by uploading and watching Wiggles, voting for their favourite or interacting via the evian social channels. And the campaign reached over 90 million people on Facebook alone. We had celebrities wiggling too, from Maria Sharapova to Jonathan Ross to the entire England Rugby Team.

But most importantly, Wimbledon Wiggle delivered on our aim, helping evian own a whopping 70% of brand conversations in social around the tournament.