evian banishes winter blues this January


Last year evian banished the January blues by installing a giant Live young playground in Canary Wharf. This year, as you might have read in Marketing, we’ve been working with them to lift spirits everywhere once again, with the socially-led #LiveyoungJanuary campaign.

#LiveyoungJanuary is designed to help the UK Live young and enjoy a notoriously miserable month. Each day, we’ve been suggesting one new way to Live young, from playing peekaboo with a stranger to asking your granny for a piggyback.

We’ve spread these suggestions not only through evian’s social channels, but also through creating the campaign’s press and outdoor media too – from ads in the Metro, to transvision screens and escalator panels in train and tube stations across London.

evianimageWASWe’ve even created a series of daily suggestions, that are relevant to timely events, or based on topics we know people all over the country are talking about. It’s a fantastic example of an inherently ‘social’ idea, which has informed all aspect of the campaign, not just the social media elements.

The response has been great, with people getting proactively involved with our suggestions, even where there’s no incentive. This shows how much fun people are having engaging with the campaign. We’ve enjoyed hearing about people who’ve had a stare-off competition in the office or randomly asking a another commuter ‘Are we nearly there yet?’

The daily nature of the campaign is also proving a success, with people tweeting that they’re  gutted when they aren’t able to grab a copy of the Metro in the morning!

To increase reach, there’s a range of experiential PR stunts which will be filmed to create sharable content. For example, we worked with evian to help London’s commuters escape the drudgery of the tube by providing pink branded space hoppers. A series of hidden camera films are in production to bring to life some of the suggestions on the streets of London – much to the amusement of unsuspecting members of the public.

To keep engagement high, we’re surprising and delighting those who get involved by sending them tools to help them Live young in January – from spacehoppers to badges that put a Live young twist on the familiar ‘Baby On Board’ TFL badges.

There’s still time to check out evian’s Facebook and Twitter pages for daily challenges and weekly competitions. Let us know how you get on by using the hashtag #LiveyoungJanuary. If you’re lucky, you might win one of our Inner Child on Board badges, part of the #LiveyoungJanuary competition prizes. So go on – release your inner child!