Farewell from The Great Agency Adventure



Where does the time go? It seems like only yesterday I stepped off my train from Boston. Alas, another month has passed and it’s time for me to take The Great Agency Adventure to yet another city. But if I could describe my time here at We Are Social in one word, it would be ‘electric’.

From the moment I walked through the agency’s big red door, I knew this month was going to be one of my most unique. Not just in terms of what I’d be working on, but also of where I’d be working at. You’d think it’d be rather miserable to have an entire team share the same room. Yet, the people here shot down that misconception on day one.

To be honest, I’m not sure how the NYC space is able to contain the energy and passion this team has. While everyone has a defined role in the agency, no one is afraid of stepping outside of the box or helping a co-worker in need. They may work on separate clients, but they all work as one well-oiled machine. And that’s why they all radiate success.

In fact, I’d say this group of individuals is more of a family than a team. They win together. They laugh together. They improve together. Best of all, there are no lone wolves in the group; no wet blankets, no killjoys and no rouge elephants. Everyone enjoys being here and loves the work they do. You couldn’t dream of a better situation even if you tried.

That’s the impression I take away from my time here.

Yet, We Are Social has given me so much more than that. They’ve helped me broaden my abilities by exposing me to new realms of advertising and social media. To be honest, I don’t think I fully grasped the importance of social in today’s marketplace. I knew it was a growing field, but I had no idea of its extent or importance in the messaging hierarchy.

We Are Social changed that and I now have a more complete understanding and appreciation of social’s true power in shaping and strengthening a brand.

As I wrap up things up here — the third of fourteen stops — I’m once again thrilled to see just how incredible people truly are. With talent like this leading the way, our future is looking incredibly bright.