A social ‘strip tweet’ to launch New Twingo


Since its launch in 1993, the Renault Twingo has been the quirkiest car around, with a focus on its curvy, colourful features.

This February, both Twingo fans and the automotive press were eagerly awaiting the launch of the 3rd generation Twingo. So, in keeping with the Twingo brand, we decided to reveal the car’s new look to the whole world in an original way.

For several months before the launch, New Renault Twingo was subject to a lot speculation both from the automotive press and the general public. Everyone wanted to know what the car was going to look like.

Many widely publicised spy shots of the car covered in camouflage stickers had been circulated, via blogs and websites, giving a taster of the car’s shape.

We offered journalists and the wider public the opportunity to literally strip off these camouflage stickers in a “strip tweet”, revealing the Twingo in real time.

People worldwide could get involved with the reveal, using the hashtag #UndressNewTwingo to control the speed at which the Twingo was stripped of the stickers!

On the 11th February we sent a teaser to automotive media, starting the countdown to the reveal with the message: “In 48 Hours you will be able to personally reveal the new Renault Twingo via Twitter. Get ready to #UndressNewTwingo.” The hashtag started to gather momentum quickly, and journalists got their audiences involved.

At 5pm on the 13th of February and it was time for the show to start, with a live stream so that everyone could follow the car’s unveiling.

For every 100 tweets using the hashtag #undressnewtwingo, four dancers, in perfect synchrony, removed a snippet of the camouflage to gradually reveal the Twingo’s new design. The faster the public tweets came in, the faster the new model was revealed, and everyone’s reactions were displayed live during the show on digital screens surrounding the car.


In less than an hour and a half, #UndressNewTwingo was organically trending on Twitter in France. During the whole event we had 100,000 visitors to the site with 78,000 people tuning in to watch the action.

Overall, more than 4,500 tweets were sent, not to mention the 150 media sources and blogs worldwide who published articles about the reveal.

We launched the film of the event on YouTube a little more than a month ago, and it has already surpassed 61,000 views with no media support. It’s safe to say that this was one of the most social car launches ever!