UK Twitter users are more mobile


Twitter has been reporting on findings from the latest Nielsen study, looking into Twitter usage on mobile devices.

The data shows that the UK is more active on mobile than its European neighbours when it comes to Twitter, with as many as 80% of UK Twitter users accessing the network via mobile and, crucially, 70% of users considering mobile their primary method of access.

Although Twitter use on mobile is less prevalent in Europe than the UK, the study showed that the mobile platform still accounts for a significant percentage of Twitter users. In Spain and France, for example, 69% and 68% of Twitter users access the platform on mobile.

Twitter users in the UK are also more engaged. Those using Twitter on a smartphone in the UK are 1.2 times more likely engage the average user, with 58% checking Twitter several times a day.

Not only are mobile Twitter users more engaged than desktop users– 62% are following brands – but also three in five are active on Twitter whilst watching TV, making mobile key in harnessing the power of the second screen.

These figures were published just a month after Facebook revealed its Q4 2013 results, where it was revealed that mobile advertising accounted for 53% of its revenue. From this data it’s clear that Twitter is hoping to take the same direction, and can offer some genuine opportunities to brands who want to engage with their audiences through mobile.