World Cup: Instagram insiders


Footballers are a funny bunch. Catapulted into positions of privilege at a young age and with the ability to do pretty much whatever they want, we often miss the point that they are just 20-something blokes hanging out with their mates.

However, this World Cup we’ve been given a true insight into the experiences that the stars of the tournament have. Thanks in no small part to their Instagram accounts.

These are our favourite posts from the World Cup’s most colourful players’ accounts. Warning: this post includes an inordinate amount of selfies.

England Striker Daniel Sturridge: The Pre-Game Selfie
About to play for your country, take a selfie, why not?

Greek centre back Giorgos Tzavelas: The post match celebration selfie
The Greece team celebrated their win in the typical social style.

Belgian goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois: Football meets Royalty selfie
There really isn’t a better way to celebrate a win than by meeting the King of your country…

Fabio Cannavaro, ex-Italy superstar: Meet football Royalty selfie
These guys… probably some of the greatest players of the last 30 years.

England Captain Steven Gerrard: Team Bants
Obligatory tie the birthday boy to a chair and throw them in an ice bath post.

Brazilian maestro Dani Alves: The Travelling Band
If you were travelling around Brazil on a plane tell me you wouldn’t keep yourself and the rest of the plane entertained with an impromptu samba jam.

Argentina’s winger Ezequiel Lavezzi: Late Night Games
And finally… the ‘happy slap’ is back, according to Argentina’s Ezequiel Lavezzi. Not sure his team mates would agree.