World Cup: We're all pundits


One aspect of the ‘Social World Cup’ has been the rise of hitherto unexpected footballing experts. We’re all pundits now it seems, and last night we were out in force.

You may or may not have noticed that England lost last night. Again. The 33% of us who predicted we might win the tournament it are probably feeling slightly less confident now.

There were 6.7m match tweets last night. If, like me, you are choosing to ignore the result (and reality), the highlights of the evening was some top class punditry from some top class pundits. Oh, and the most retweeted Tweet of the World Cup so far… God bless you Mario Balotelli.

During the game the experts were out in force:

Rihanna knows when a goalkeeper is on his game.

Not to mention Danny Dyer’s insights…

Quite. How profound.

There was post-match sympathy from some true British paragons of virtue:

Diplomatic as ever.

Thanks Joey.

But there is hope….

Screen Shot 2014-06-20 at 11.48.04

Precisely 3.5% of hope. I’ll take that. It could finally be our year…

The last word of the night goes to Mario Balotelli, in what became the most retweeted tweet of the World Cup so far (he’s bigger than Obama!).

Mario told us that England’s qualification is all but assured as long as he receives a kiss from our dear Queen. Over to you Liz…