94% using Facebook during World Cup


It’s clear that the World Cup audience is a very social one, and a recent study from GlobalWebIndex looking at people’s behaviour in the the US, the UK and Brazil certainly backs this up. Looking at the top social platforms during World Cup matches, the report stated that a huge 94% of social network users who are watching the World Cup in those countries said they’re likely to use Facebook as they watch the games, with Twitter also a major destination at 59%.

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GlobalWebIndex also examined real time behaviours during World Cup matches, finding that 50% of internet users who are watching the World Cup in those countries check social media throughout the games to see what other people are saying.

As the game unfolds, there’s an increase in people sharing their personal views, a behaviour predominantly found in Brazil. World Cup selfies are also proving popular, with 10% claiming to take their own pic during matches. Again, this is most prevalent in home nation, Brazil.

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