Cheer up the nation with Get Well Soup



Heinz’s fan favourite Get Well Soup is back on Facebook, for the fifth year running!

Get Well Soup offers the nation a simple way to cheer up a poorly loved one, by delivering a personalised can of Heinz Soup straight to their door. Working from the simple but significant insight that soup is the perfect pick-me-up when feeling under the weather, users can personalise their own can of Tomato or Chicken Soup for just £3.99 – a great price for such a unique gift.

This year, our Facebook creative is focused on storytelling. It encourages users to visit the app through promoted content that is targeted to two different audiences: families with children who have left home, and families with younger children who will purchase the can for their child. For example, you could create a gift pack to care for your son who’s at university and ill with the flu, knowing that a taste of home will always help to make you feel better.

These emotive stories work to enhance brand love for Heinz, as we are reminded of the role Heinz Soup played in our upbringing, and how it brings comfort to our everyday lives.


So if you know someone with the winter blues, pop by the Heinz Soup Facebook page and treat them to a personalised can. £1 from each sale will also be donated to children’s charity Starlight, to bring magical storytellers to seriously ill children across the UK.

As well as being able to purchase personalised cans through Facebook, cans with pre-printed labels such as Mum, Gran and Grandad are available in Selfridges, and the Starlight cans are available at Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury’s and Morrisons.