From New York to Paris


Finally, my French side is useful for something other than a great pickup line! After two and a half years at We Are Social’s New York office, I was honored with the opportunity to take part in the company’s “Secondment” program, which allowed me (as a Franco-American) to temporarily join the Paris team.

How can one compare the two greatest cities in the world? Right before leaving NYC for Paris, I was given the iconic book “Paris Versus New York” which compares both cities better than I ever could. So instead of differentiating the two, I’d rather show you how these two offices (and cities), more than 6 thousand kilometers apart, are so similar:

We work, we work, and then we work
New York is known for its fast-paced lifestyle, but Paris certainly holds its own. In the Paris office, like in the New York office, I’ve had the opportunity to work on some great projects for some major international brands. As a Senior Analyst in the Research & Insights team, I thoroughly appreciate the fact that no two days are ever the same at the office. Though, I do have to admit that working in an office-space equipped with a foosball table, a ping-pong table, and an Xbox makes life a bit easier!

We Are Geeks
Whether I’m in Paris or NYC, explaining my job and my role is never easy. That being said, I feel completely at home in both offices where I’m always surrounded by “geeks” like me. All of us have our own unique specialties, but we all share the same desire and will to learn everything about our respective domains. And after working with my counterparts in London, Milan, and Munich, I am certain that this “Geekiness” is shared across all of our offices!

Work Hard, Play Hard
In New York, we’d go to “Sweet & Vicious”. In Paris, we head to “Le Petit Mathieu”. What’s sure, is that after a long week at work we’re always going to get together around a good bottle of wine (or a “Jar-garita” in NYC) to de-stress, have fun, and try to talk about things other than work… Emphasis on the “try”!

My time here has been so great, that I’ve decided to move definitively to Paris! I’m going from bagels to croissants in the morning, Bud Light to Kronenbourg, and from football to… well, football. But in the end, the We Are Social team remains family no matter the city!

If, like me, you are fluent in French, like working with interesting clients on captivating projects, and, above all, with some of the best coworkers in the world, don’t hesitate to send your CV to our HR team in Paris.