Support tennis like never before


Our client, BNP Paribas, a long-term supporter of tennis, approached us last year with a request to create a global campaign that would make tennis fun and accessible to all.

They wanted to change the way people support the game, to give more power to fans. All this was to correlate with the new brand positioning of BNP Paribas: The bank for a changing world. We responded to this challenge by creating a campaign that would “Support Tennis Like Never Before”.

We wanted to make tennis more fun and uninhibited for supporters, with a campaign that had social thinking at the centre. So, we decided to help fans of the notoriously reserved game build their collective voice and grow their visibility in the stands. We wanted tennis fans to become super fans who go beyond their limits, just like the players themselves.

We needed an ambassador to embody the campaign, so we chose living legend, John McEnroe – the perfect choice due to his ‘outgoing personality’ on the court. McEnroe has a crucial role – to lead our We Are Tennis Fan Academy, a ‘school’ that will help crowds in tennis stadiums become passionate, committed and united. We want to train the supporters of the future.

John M

We’ve already been inspiring fans globally with our ad – but that’s just the beginning. The first real life We Are Tennis Fan Academy will open its doors on July 16th near the Queens Club in London, to welcome the first class of super fans!

Fans from France and the UK can try their luck to become part of the academy, by submitting a 15 second video showing off their motivational qualities. Only the most creative and motivated individuals in their videos will get a chance to confront John McEnroe to prove their worth. But applications close this week, so be quick!

Présentation PowerPoint

The Academy’s first task will be to light up the quarter final of the Davis Cup by BNP Paribas between France and Great Britain, taking place from the 17th-19th July. So if you’re a tennis fan and you think you can give the great John McEnroe a run for his money when it comes to tennis passion – what are you waiting for?