Inviting you to Think Forward


We Are Social will be holding Think Forward on 11th November in London, an overview of the trends that will affect social over the next 12 months. If you’d like to join us, along with the BBC, Bauer Media and Salesforce to discuss what’s next in social content, culture, business and technology, read on to find out more.

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Trendspotting is guesswork and assumption – let’s not kid ourselves. Just because you were right about Programmatic ads and Wearables catching on, that doesn’t mean there was a connection. It’s called the ‘illusion of control’ and it’s what makes gambling so exciting. Trendspotting is just that – a flutter.

But trendspotting is not a pointless exercise.

The main benefit of trendspotting isn’t developing your soothsaying skills or becoming a digital clairvoyant – the benefit is a by-product of the process of prediction. In order for you to have a fighting chance of predicting the future you need to know what is happening right now. So the discipline of trendspotting has the side effect of keeping you up to date.

Trendspotting is almost as much fun reading about it, as it is writing it. So on a monthly basis we produce a report of the past month’s most exciting Social Thinking innovations called Curiosity Stop. These innovations are spotted by our 10 offices around the world, and cover ideas created all over the globe.

Over the past few months we’ve looked at countless innovations, some of which made it into our report, some of which didn’t. But we’ve been keeping a close eye not just on the innovations themselves, but the underlying trends that are emerging. It’s these that make up our latest report – Think Forward – our view of the trends that will affect the next 12 months+ of social.

The report will be published at our Think Forward 2015 event on the 11th of November, 5.30pm at We Are Social’s London HQ. It’s free to attend – just register here – and we’ll have four amazing speakers looking at the future of social from a Content, Culture, Business, and Technology Perspective:

We can’t offer you a social crystal ball, but we can guarantee by the end of the event you’ll be right up to date and in the best position to make your own predictions for the future of social. Think Forward.