#Lovies 2015: We Need You


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Over the last year we’ve been working hard with our client base of forward-thinking brands to produce some amazing, creative, socially-led campaigns and strategies. We’re incredibly proud of what we’ve achieved.

But it’s also fantastic to get external recognition, putting the industry stamp of approval on our work. So, we were delighted to discover last month that we’d received a huge haul of nominations in this year’s People’s Choice Lovie Awards.

As you may know, The Lovies are kind of a big deal, and we’d love to pick up one (or two!). So, if you’re impressed with any of our shortlisted campaigns, it would be great to get your support. It’s really easy to vote, all you have to do is login with Google, Facebook or Twitter, and then follow the links and click on the picture. Thanks!

YouTube: #DontPanicButton

YouTube wanted to take beauty vlogger Zoella to a far wider audience. So, we showed there’s more to Zoella than styling tips. Like thousands of young people, Zoella is affected by panic attacks. So with #dontpanicbutton, we created a symbol of solidarity her fans could wear and share on World Mental Health Day. This would help overcome the feeling of isolation that comes with anxiety.

#dontpanicbutton was trending before school that day. Within hours, over 3000 young people had sewn on their own buttons and uploaded their pictures. Vloggers, teachers and anxiety sufferers everywhere helped spread the word, reaching an audience 10 times greater than the Zoella TV ad during X-Factor. Months later, fans were still wearing and talking about their buttons.

Vote for #DontPanicButton here!

La Banque Postale: SA Vine

We helped French bank La Banque Postale to engage with its clients in a very different way, with SA Vine. A social media analysis identified the 15 most frequently asked questions by La Banque Postale clients on digital channels, and we used this to create a campaign that allowed the bank surprise its customers show off its innovative side.

We created 15 paper stop motion Vine videos to respond to the frequently asked questions, so that each time a client asked one of these queries on Twitter, La Banque Postale replied with a tweet embedding the dedicated video. We added a bespoke message for that extra personal touch.  The videos were played over 200,000 times on Vine and the campaign caught the attention of media – and the online community – all over France.

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YouTube: Epic Slow Memes

YouTube wanted to make the Slow Mo Guys more famous, taking them to new audiences across the web. So we decided to help fans spread their fame for us with ‘Slow Memes’ – a collection of epic slow-motion Gifs that can be used to express emotion on any social platform.

Slow Memes spread fast, featuring on Mashable and Buzzfeed, with over 1.5 million people watching the making-of video. Over 70,000 fans clicked to get the Gifs, sharing them across major social platforms plus thousands of fan forums.

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Nikesh Shukla: Meatspace

This campaign aimed to generate an increased awareness of the new novel Meatspace by Nikesh Shukla. The novel is centred around a hilarious and troubling analysis of what happens when our lives become nothing more than an aggregation of shared content, when our online personas are more interesting than real life. The book is not about meat or space. Meatspace is another word for the physical world, as opposed to cyberspace or a virtual environment. But let’s not overcomplicate things. Get meat. Send it into space.

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