VR 101: Experience virtual reality


On the 18th of November in London, We Are Social is holding VR 101, one of the UK’s biggest ever virtual reality events, showcasing 11 amazing VR companies from all over the country in an interactive arcade. If you want to experience the best VR innovations on offer today and learn how this will affect the future of social, read on to find out how you can get your hands on a ticket.

Screen-Shot-2015-01-22-at-11.39.19-500x153Image by Tom Bellamy

Virtual Reality is stomping its way into the marketing and advertising industry like no other format before it. We are on the cusp of the immersion revolution. Within 12 months we’ll see VR creep into the mainstream as the likes of Lenovo, HTC, Sony and of course Oculus, Microsoft and Google release headsets to the public. Brave brands such as Castrol, Marriott and Dior are exploring the medium. But we’re all getting sick of watching YouTube videos of other people watching VR content.

Where digital tech goes, social is sure to follow and if we’re being sold tweeting fridges then you can bet that a virtual social experience won’t be far from going mainstream. Mark Zuckerberg sees Oculus initially as a gaming platform and has admitted that the device needs to sell 50 million to 100 million units to reach scale, and find real meaning as a communications platform. But quite a few of us have tried the clunky headsets on and peered into an uncertain future.

We’re holding an event called VR 101 at our London HQ, featuring demos from the best of the UK’s VR and 360 talent. Before the event, attendees will get to play in a Virtual Reality Arcade and spend gold coins on the experiences that they choose.

The demos will be followed by a presentation on the Future of Social Virtual Reality from Matthew Payne, head of Creative Technology at We Are Social. Then we’ll hear a ‘vision of the future of VR’ from Framestore, Inition, Unit 9 and We Make VR.

Please register here if you’d like to come along – it’s free to attend.


This is set to be the biggest, most exciting VR event of the year – we look forward to seeing you there.