Live streaming this Halloween with TCL



In late October, we ran a Halloween-themed Periscope activity with China-based TCL, the world’s third largest TV manufacturer. As TCL’s slogan is “The Creative Life,” we wanted to creatively explore a new and exciting social media platform – Periscope. And, we thought that getting into the Halloween spirit by putting a “possessed” TV on a live-stream would be a good way to start…. obviously.

So, we ‘took over’ one of the brand’s new curved UHD TVs and placed it on Periscope, where it was mysteriously be possessed by a ghostly face. By using digital puppetry we were able to control the seriously spooky face in the new 65 inch TCL H8800 TV, allowing us to directly engage with Periscope users who came across our live-stream.

Periscope users who tuned into the live-stream found that the “haunted” TV immediately greeted them with a spooky laugh, voiced by a stand-up comedian, who manned our digital puppet. As he voice-acts for the face, he controls its mouth-movement, facial expressions, and the general motions and gestures of the head.

The fact that someone on Periscope can immediately have a real-time conversation with one of TCL’s mainline products gives the brand a unique social media experience, which provided TCL with a fun, and imaginative way to reach and engage its potential consumers.

Our client at TCL, Ranjit Gopi, Global Marketing Director of TCL Multimedia, commented on the campaign:

We want consumers to see that TCL has personality; that we’re ready to listen to their feedback and questions and to respond to them. We Are Social‘s approach of engaging Periscope users in a creative way will allow us to engage in a two-way conversation with our global target audience while building an emotional connection with our brand.

We’ve now finished spooking hundreds of unassuming Periscope users, but this isn’t the last they will see of TCL. Watch this space for more fun, creative activations as TCL looks to reach even more consumers outside of China.