We Are Social’s Monday Mashup #311

We Are Social
Snapchat launches ad rehaul
Snapchat is launching a wide range of ad updates including ads between stories, expandable snap ads, and ad API (application programming interface, natch), which will allow Snapchat ads to be sold by third parties for the first time. Hot on the heels of Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram Snapchat is also launching measurement tools to prove impact to brands.  

Facebook Messenger to offer ‘home’ button
Facebook Messenger has created a new Home button which appears in the bottom right corner of the screen. By clicking the button, users can see their most recent messages along with a new ‘favourites’ section focused on the most frequently messaged users.

Facebook Messenger Home Button

Instagram introduces ‘profile tap’ mobile banner ads
Instagram is rolling out a feature which links ads to profile pages so that when a user clicks on an ad from the news feed, a banner pops up at the bottom of the screen. The banner prompts people to take an action such as visiting a website or downloading an app. In a statement, Instagram said:
“We found that Instagrammers were routinely tapping on a company’s name from a direct response ad to learn more. Now when that happens, the call-to-action button from that same ad extends to the company’s profile page to make it easier for people to discover a business they care about.”

Facebook to track whether ads lead to offline purchases…
In a bid to figure out which ‘moment of truth’ Facebook best taps into on the path to purchase, the platform is rolling out a new way to measure the impact of its ads. The new measurement tools will allow stores to see how many people visit a store location or make offline purchases after seeing a Facebook campaign.

… and launches Creative Hub to simplify ad creation
Facebook has created an online platform for agencies, brands and anyone involved in the creation of ads to share, review, test and create ads on Facebook and Instagram. Facebook is billing it as an online space meant to foster collaboration, saying it will make it easier for creatives to build ads.

Twitter now lets advertisers use emoji as keywords
All hail Oxford Dictionary’s word of the year 2015: emoji. A bona fide way of communicating for the masses (and even my mum!), it is now also possible to target people with advertising on Twitter according to emoji they have used in the past. Here’s some of my predictions for which brands will come after which emoji.

?: Febreze
?: Durex
?: Smirnoff

Pinterest expands its targeted advertising repertoire
Pinterest is launching three new types of targeting to help brands super-charge their Promoted Pins. Previously, user data held already by Pinterest was what informed targeting, but now marketers will be able to use their own data to target their desired audiences more accurately. Firstly, marketers will be able to target people who have previously visited their website. Secondly, Pinterest is launching ‘look-alike’ targeting to serve ads to people who look or behave similarly to a brand’s audience. Finally, marketers will be able to hone in on people based on anonymous ID signals (like cookies) from ads served on their mobile devices, or according to who subscribes to their email subscription list.  

Microsoft acquires LinkedIn for $26.2bn
Microsoft has outbid competitors like Salesforce to acquire LinkedIn at a 50% premium to its share price. That means Microsoft has paid around $255 for each user (and all their juicy personal data of course). An expensive move for Microsoft, who has had varying results when it comes to acquisitions in the past. Its first ever purchase was a company called Forethought, who went on to create a programme that may have been the bane of your life once or twice – Powerpoint. A less successful buy was Nokia’s mobile unit in 2013, which was written off in 2015. Microsoft’s CEO, Satya Nadella, sees the deal as a great way to widen the market for Microsoft products and allows the company to access this social network phenomenon that everyone seems to be banging on about nowadays.