Creativity in a Hurry: Hacking the Creative Mind

SXSW is the Glastonbury of great ideas. Each year agencies, brands, start ups, geeks and food trucks swamp Austin, Texas to fulfil the city’s slogan of ‘Keep Austin Weird’.

And SXSW is weird. There are thousands of talks and only a few days to see them all. You need to choose carefully to get the most out of it – and with your help, We Are Social will be on the agenda.

We Are Social are proposing two talks – but we need your votes to get on the final list.

Transactional Social: The ChatBot Revolution will focus on the rise of the chatbot, their potential to completely revolutionise the way that consumers behave and the dawn of a new Transactional Social era. Just as Uber and contactless payments have simplified the way we travel and pay, chatbots have the potential to completely change how we interact with brands and how we shop.

Domino’s, Facebook Messenger and Viber, all pioneers in Transactional Social, will examine the latest developments in this technology, and offer insights into what the future holds for brands and bots.

Creativity in a Hurry: Hacking the Creative Mind is a workshop to enable everyone to tap into their inner muse. Tapping into creativity is a process that you can learn. This workshop will teach that process, and we’ll make it really fun. This session, run by renowned UK improvisation company Hoopla and We Are Social, will teach you techniques to unlock your creativity in minutes.

If you’d like to see these concepts become reality then please follow this link to vote for Transactional Social: The ChatBot Revolution or this one for Hacking the Creative Mind. If you’re feeling really generous, you could even vote for both. We’d be super grateful for your votes and promise to share all our insights from the festival right here in 2017.