We Are Social’s Monday Mashup #320

We Are Social
Instagram launches curated video channel
Instagram has launched a new channel which curates user-generated videos recorded at major events like concerts and sports. The Events channel, which sits in Instagram’s Explore section, is personalised for each user based on the photos and videos they like and who they follow. Clearly the algorithm needs a bit of work though as it’s convinced that I want to look at a woman eating ice cream and something called ‘bread gloves’.

Pinterest launches video ads
Pinboard app Pinterest is launching its first video ads for the UK and US. The ads will look like regular pins. Once a user clicks on an ad, the video expands across the screen and underneath, pins will link to products featured in the video. The video ads will initially only be available on mobile, which makes up more than 80 percent of Pinterest’s traffic, but a desktop rollout is planned in the future.

Call of Duty the first video game to create global Snapchat lens
Snapchat users in the US have been able to try out a new sponsored lens which turns selfies into zombie faces. The Call of Duty-sponsored lens features musical zombies who don karaoke sweatbands, sing along to the classic ’80s Frankie Goes to Hollywood hit ‘Relax’ and even drop the mic. Zombie lovers living outside of the US needn’t panic – the lens will go worldwide on Friday, marking the first time a gaming company has purchased an international Snapchat lens. 

Snapchat launches 360 video ad to promote horror movie Don’t Breathe
Snapchat has created a 10-second video ad which allows users to ‘swipe up’ to see it from every angle. The 360-degree version of the Sony Pictures trailer for horror movie Don’t Breathe will be visible via a web page link inside the app. The ad is launching in the United States first, and rolling out to users in the UK and Australia in the next few weeks.

Facebook and Denny’s create talking pancake
It’s a questions as old as Lent – What would a pancake say if it could talk? Well, thanks to Facebook and Denny’s, the answer is now within all of our reach. Phew. In a move that will make chatbots everywhere feel instantly inferior, Denny’s has combined animation and voice synthesising software to create an ‘anthropomorphic pancake which will respond to comments on a live stream. The stunt follows Denny’s popular animated web series The Grand Slams which featured animated versions of popular menu items.  Tasty.