We are Lovie Award winners!

You may remember our previous blog post urging you to vote for our shortlisted work at the prestigious Lovie Awards? Yeh that one. Well a big thank you to those who voted – our subtle plea worked!

We’re extremely proud to have gained recognition for our YouTube #OursToLose campaign which picked up two amazing silver awards at the 6th Annual Lovie Awards in the categories Public Service and Activism and Best Overall Social Presence.

As a quick recap, our #OursToLose environmental campaign harnessed the power of YouTube’s global network using a powerful message to make climate change more personally relevant and approachable. YouTube content creators told their fans that the things they love (like coffee and wine) were #OursToLose if action wasn’t taken; and viewers were therefore urged to sign an Avaaz petition to get global leaders to take action against climate change.

See the full case study video here:

This is a great achievement by the team and it showcases some of the amazing pieces of work we’ve been producing. Well done to all those involved, and of course, cheers to all of you out there for voting! We look forward to what’s around the corner next. Watch this space.