We Are Social’s Monday Mashup #334

Facebook reveals more flaws in ad stats
Facebook has announced it is to ‘tweak’ the way it estimates potential audience sizes for new campaigns with advertisers, after admitting its numbers seemed ‘off’. The platform will also update the way it reports the number of reactions (Likes, Loves etc.) to live videos after errors were reported in that area, too.

Facebook introduces own version of Snapchat geofilters
Starting this week, users in selected countries will be able to create their own location-based camera “frames” on Facebook which they can overlay on photos and profile pictures. Some people may call this ‘copying’ Snapchat – but maybe it’s just a coincidence. Another one.screen shot 2016-12-08 at 124337 pm
Instagram makes changes to its comments section
You can now ‘Like’ people’s comments on Instagram following changes made to the platform. This is great news for me as I was getting pretty tired of throwing my best bantz out into the ether and getting no love back. Users can also disable comments under specific posts and remove followers without blocking them. This comes as part of a new push to make Instagram a “welcoming and safe space”.

Snapchat looks to take on TV with new Turner deal
A new deal with Turner announced last week will see more news, comedy, sports and original shows coming to Snapchat in the coming months. This is the latest move Snap.Inc has made to boost high-quality, original content in the app as it prepares to go public in March.

LinkedIn introduces Conversation Starters for breaking the ice
Ever wanted to ruthlessly use a contact for climbing the ladder faster than Gordan Gekko on the drugs of Jordan Belfort, but you haven’t actually spoken to that contact for 10 years? Fear not, LinkedIn is now offering handy conversations starters you might want to use to get the ball rolling. Apparently asking ‘would you rather have no arms or no legs’ is not ok nowadays, so they’ve suggested commenting on their new job or contacts you’ve got in common. Take a look.

You can now google things on Twitter using emoji
Google has launched a campaign where you can tweet them with an emoji and it will reply with a GIF and local search results about that emoji. So if you tweet a coffee, it will reply with local coffee places. Send a Christmas tree and you’ll get local Christmas tree, er, shops. An aubergine? Well that’s none of our business. ?☕️

Capital One focuses on Facebook for new ad campaign
Capital One’s new campaign #DefineYourDream is starting on Facebook to share uplifting stories from Capital One customers. It will primarily run on Facebook and Instagram and starts with a video featuring a small business owner who sells lingerie, while also running a program to help cancer survivors.

CoverGirl has launched a new influencer-based chatbot
The first influencer-based chatbot has been launched by cosmetics brand CoverGirl. Kalanibot is a bot version of 16-year-old American dancer, model and TV personality Kalani Hilliker. Results so far include 14 times more conversations with the chatbot than with an average post by Ms. Hilliker, 91% positive sentiment, an average of 17 messages per conversation, 48% of conversations leading to coupon delivery and 51% click-through on coupons delivered.