We Are Social’s Monday Mashup #345

Facebook launches Messenger Day globally
Facebook Messenger’s Snapchat Stories clone, Messenger Day, is now rolling out globally to all users. The feature allows users to add frames, emoji, stickers, text and filters to the contents of their stories. To create a ‘Day’ users can use the standard camera feature and select ‘My Day’ under the ‘Add to’ section. The feature also allows users to pick an existing image from their gallery from within the camera to add to their day and lets you whitelist or blacklist specific people.

Instagram Stories launches geostickers
It seems as though everyone at Facebook is trying to ambush Snapchat. Instagram has launched its first geostickers which let users add and arrange illustrations to their Stories posts related to their locations. The first places getting the geostickers are New York and Jakarta, so users can add the name of a place to their shots with the new 10.11 update on iOS and Android.

Facebook gives marketers cross-platform stats
In a bid to provide more metrics and transparency from campaigns, Facebook is giving all advertisers cross-platform stats. They’ve created a measurement dashboard which now provides marketers with stats that they can use to analyse their Facebook and Instagram campaigns.

Until now, only Facebook’s biggest marketers had access to the stats from Facebook’s ad server, Atlas, to help measure and target their campaigns. Now, Atlas’ technology is included into a new dashboard tool called advanced measurement and it crunches numbers on Facebook, publisher promos and Instagram to help advertisers understand how efficient their media spending is across platforms.

Facebook is currently focusing on two types of stats – reach and attribution, however it has been said new areas of measurement will come in the future.

Facebook to live stream Major League Soccer matches
Facebook has scored a deal that will allow it to stream at least 22 Major League Soccer matches. Due to a collaboration with Univision Deportes and MLS, the platform has gained the rights to stream the 2017 MLS regular season matches in English, and also enhance the video content with various interactive elements.

The streams will include interactive graphics and Facebook specific commentators, as well as fan Q&A and polling features that let Facebook viewers engage with the commentators as the match takes place. As part of the deal, MLS will also produce more than 40 original ‘Matchday Live’ analysis shows that will be posted to the MLS Facebook page – showing feature highlights and previews of upcoming matches.

Twitter offering advertisers guarantees on video ads
Twitter is maturing, it’s now offering some advertisers guarantees on video ads, making its ad product similar to a TV-style buy. It will let brands order a set amount of pre-roll video ads with certainty that they will be seen by a target group of customers. The ads will run ahead of content from TV networks, media partners, digital publishers and sports leagues.