We Are Social’s Monday Mashup #576

Kyle Loretan

Instagram begins rolling out auto-generated captions for feed videos

Auto-generated captions are now available for all feed videos on Instagram, and the feature will be turned on by default for creators on the platform. This gives creators more time to focus on their content and less time captioning, while being more accessible to its deaf or hard-of-hearing users. The app will continue to roll out this feature with more languages and will use AI to learn and improve the quality of its output.

TikTok boosts maximum video length to 10 minutes

Last July TikTok increased its video length from 1 minute to 3 minutes after initially starting out with just 15-second videos. And now, the app is preparing to push the boundaries of our attention spans once again. Over the next few weeks, TikTok will be rolling out a 10-minute option as an ‘opportunity for creators around the world to unleash more creative possibilities.’ After being accustomed to short-form content, we can’t wait to see what TikTok creators and content consumers make of these changes.

LinkedIn looks to erase the stigma associated with career breaks in resumes

It’s time to normalize career breaks without having a negative impact on one’s trajectory. With everything that has been going on in the world over the last few years, forced and unforced career breaks have become even more common. LinkedIn is now providing its members with the ability to add context to these gaps in their experience section. The platform is offering a variety of learning courses free of charge throughout the month of March to help people reentering the workforce. And hey, we are hiring!

Facebook is shutting down its college student-only social network, Campus

As of March 10th, Facebook will be ending their pilot of Facebook Campus. The Campus feature, a private section within Facebook that was only open to those with an .edu email address, was an attempt to get back to the platform’s roots of being a college-focused social network. However, most students have been utilizing Facebook Groups to stay connected. With Campus ending, Facebook will be suggesting relevant college Facebook groups for its previous Campus users to join.

Twitter will start showing crowd-sourced fact checks to some users

Twitter launched Birdwatch in 2021 to address misinformation on the platform – allowing contributors to write context notes and sources under tweets and rate them. Following a survey that found the feature to be helpful, Twitter is now rolling it out to more of its users. The platform will remain a place for its contributors to have diverse points of views, with hopes that Birdwatch will help to address any misinformation being spread.