We are Social’s Monday Mashup #582


Snap reports growth in Q1 financial results
Snap is growing big and strong according to its latest financial results. The platform grew its daily active users by 18% year on year to 332 million, with its revenue increasing by 38% to a cool $1.06 billion. This means that the app is growing faster than some competitors, with Twitter growing its DAUs by 15% in contrast. The company also reported that 250 million Snapchatters engaged with AR features on a daily basis, highlighting this as a particular strength for the platform.

TikTok rolls out interactive add-ons for in-feed ads
Ads are about to get interactive on TikTok, with the platform rolling out add-ons for in-feed ads globally. Add-ons include features like popups, stickers, polls and other visual elements. The hope is that this will allow brands to create more engaging ads, boosting clicks and conversations. TikTok says that 57% of viewers are more likely to search for brand information online when they connect with businesses on the platform; a pretty impressive stat that’s sure to get more brands flocking to the app.

Twitter is testing a ‘vibe check’ feature
Ah, the status. A key feature on many social platforms that allows your aunt to update you on her latest ventures. Well, now your aunt may be able to update her Twitter followers too, with the platform being seen testing a status feature. Currently codenamed ‘vibe’, the feature would allow users to set a profile-level status, as well as a ‘vibe check’ for a specific tweet. The status feature could be a way for people on Twitter to let others know that they’re currently busy, out of the office, at a specific conference and more. Watch this space.

Instagram prioritises original content in creator-focused changes
It’s time to stop reposting your TikTok videos to Instagram. The platform will now prioritise original content, encouraging users to make their own Reels rather than repurposing videos from other apps. This won’t just apply to Reels but static content too, meaning your favourite meme pages may not be appearing in your feed as often as you’d like. It’s no secret that Instagram is placing a lot of focus on its Reels feature, with the platform testing a Templates feature. This will let creators make Reels by borrowing formats from other videos on the platform.

Twitter bans misleading ads about climate change
Last Friday marked Earth Day. Twitter used the occasion to announce that it’ll be banning misleading adverts that ‘contradict the scientific consensus on climate change’. The platform is due to share more details about how it plans to add more reliable context about climate change on the channel. Deciding what’s legit content and what isn’t will be guided by ‘authoritative sources’, including the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

Instagram adds support for fundraisers in more than 30 countries
Fundraisers are getting a boost on Instagram, with the platform adding the ability for users to create and donate to fundraisers directly from Reels. Announced on Earth Day, fundraising on Reels is now available to more than 30 countries worldwide and will support donations to more than 1.5 million non-profits. Instagram will cover the transaction processing fees for donations to charitable organisations, meaning they’ll receive the full amount of the user’s contribution.

5 billion people now use the internet worldwide
Last week, our Digital 2022 April Global Statshot dropped, reporting that 63 percent of all people on earth are now online. The latest data shows that internet users have still increased by almost 200 million over the past 12 months though, representing year-on-year growth of slightly over 4 percent. There are some other pretty major headlines, including a huge social media milestone for China and an impressive new record for TikTok. Dig into the data and get to know the evolving digital landscape.

Ones to watch
Twitter is testing a CC button that will let users turn video captions on or off.