We Are Social’s Monday Mashup #611

Kyle Loretan

Instagram launches text posts called ‘Notes’ 

Instagram has launched a new feature called “Notes” that allows users to post text updates to their profiles. Notes can include text and emojis within a character limit of 60, and can be shared in the same way as regular posts. The platform is also taking a stab at less curated, more ‘authentic’ posting with “Candid,” a way for friends to share Stories that are only visible to others who also share their own Candids. Very much like BeReal, which locks friends’ content behind a blurred screen until you also post. 

Twitter users vote no for Musk in poll from CEO 

Elon Musk posted a poll on Twitter asking if he should step down as CEO of the company, to which more than 10 million people voted in favour, reflecting a 57.5% share of votes. The poll comes after (another) tumultuous week for Twitter and Musk, including a policy introducing a ban on links to other social networks, which lasted only a few hours before it was later pulled. As the majority owner of the privately held company, no one can force Musk out, and his response to the poll result doesn’t seem to indicate that a successor is waiting in the wings. Watch this space (again). 

TikTok tests horizontal mode 

TikTok is allowing some users to experience the joys of dance skills and life hacks in a slightly different way, by testing a horizontal mode. Those who have access to the feature will be able to click on a “full screen” button, which will shift content into a horizontal mode. The change reflects another move into YouTube’s natural territory; earlier this year, TikTok made an update which allowed users to upload longer-form videos of up to 10 minutes in length. 

YouTube will send you a notification if your comment is abusive

Earlier this year YouTube began making efforts to reduce abusive comments on its platform by sending an alert to individuals at the time of posting any hateful or toxic commentary on the platform. Now, YouTube is taking it further with a new feature that will more aggressively nudge individuals whose abusive comments have been removed from the platform. If despite receiving the notification they continue to post abusive comments, YouTube will block them from posting comments for 24 hours. The platform is also working to improve its AI-powered detection systems to remove spam. Here’s to hoping for more uplifting comment sections, although for now in only English-language comment sections.

Instagram helps hacked users get back online

We all know someone whose social media account has been infiltrated by a scam to sell dodgy sunglasses and the like. Now Instagram has introduced a new way to help hacking victims regain control of their IG lives. Instagram.com/hacked is a new feature for reporting and trying to resolve account access problems – it’s an all-in-one account support page where people can ask for help recovering hacked accounts, report impersonation accounts, or get help if they’ve forgotten their passwords. Instagram owner, Meta, is also working  on a more robust customer service division aimed at helping users who run into account and moderation issues.

Meta commits to investment in the Metaverse

In a blog post released today, Meta’s Chief Technology Officer and Head of Reality Labs, Andrew Bosworth, has set out the social network’s vision for the metaverse and how it plans to continue its investment in technology that will enable it. Bosworth writes: “The machine learning revolution that has been playing out over the last decade reached a boiling point this year, and it’s still accelerating. At Meta, our biggest priorities as a company are currently benefiting from more than a decade of investment in AI.”