We Are Social’s Monday Mashup #629


Snapchat launches a new generative AI feature for paid subscribers

Snapchat has launched a new generative AI feature called “My AI Snaps” exclusively for paid subscribers. This feature allows users to create personalised AI-generated snaps based on their preferences and interests. The goal of this feature is to provide a more personalised and interactive experience for Snapchat users.

Twitter launches Community Notes for images

Twitter has launched Community Notes for images to address scenarios of morphed or AI-generated images on the platform leading to misinformation. For example, a recent  AI-generated image about an attack on the Pentagon spread quickly as prominent accounts retweeted it. The company is currently testing the feature, which will label images with notes – ‘This note is about the image and could be shown on other Tweets that include this image’. Only contributors to Community Notes who possess an impact score of 10 (a metric gauging the helpfulness of their contributions) will have the option to submit notes specifically about an image rather than a tweet. Community Notes on an image will then remain the same if posted by multiple people. 

Instagram tests new features for recommended posts and transparency tools

Instagram has announced that it is testing a new feature aimed at providing users with enhanced control over recommended posts, along with a new tool designed to offer transparency to creators. The new feature for recommended posts will allow users to limit or mute the recommendations they see in their feed by selecting a new “Interested” button, giving them the ability to curate their content more effectively. The new transparency tool for creators will enable them to understand when the reach of their content may be limited due to a watermark, and why their content is not being distributed to non-followers. 

Block Party’s anti-harassment tool for Twitter is going on hiatus

With Twitter’s recent implementation of charges for API access, various third-party applications are being forced to shut down. Block Party – an anti-harassment tool that helped people stay safe from targeted harassment on Twitter – is the most recent company to have left Twitter. After four years of helping users block and mute millions of trolls, Block Party left the platform on 31st May. The news comes following companies like Tweetbot and Twitterific, that both stopped working without notice. 

In other news

Snapchat is working on an AI crop tool to enhance and extend your Snaps 👀Instagram has turned hashtags rainbow for Pride 🏳️‍🌈and is working on a new “Notifications” tab to filter business notifications from other ones. Lastly – it might be useful to hear about Instagram’s new explainer on how its Feed, Reels and Stories algorithms work!