We Are Social’s Monday Mashup #656


Meta to roll out Link History feature globally

Remember that thing you saw that one time on Facebook and then could never find again? Well, Meta’s new feature could be just what you need. The ‘Link History’ feature helps users to easily find links they have interacted with in the app. Previously only available in selected regions, Meta has confirmed that all users, on Android and iOS, will soon be able to use the Link History archive.

The feature saves any links tapped on inside of Facebook for 30 days but also gives Facebook a little more insight on your interests for creating personalised ads. With this, you can remove any links from your history at any time or opt out of the feature entirely.


Instagram tests new ‘Collections’ feature for public profiles

Instagram is trialling a new feature that allows users to display their interests publicly through ‘Collections’ on their profiles. While the release date for the new profile Collections feature is still unknown, it is anticipated to be announced soon.

The feature allows users to showcase their interests from celebs to books to movies and everything in between. It also gives a deeper insight to visitors, helping them decide whether to follow the user or not.

Influencer Updates

Last night’s Golden Globes official red carpet commentary was provided by the stars of viral internet series, Recess Therapy. Recess Therapy saw its rise through a series of viral videos of playtime interactions with a cast of local schoolchildren. The series has attracted nearly three million Instagram followers and more than one million YouTube subscribers, boasting celeb guests including Oliva Rodrigdo, Maya Rudolph and Millie Bobby Brown.

Host Julian Shapiro-Barnum was joined by Recess Therapy alumni, 6 and 7 year old Amina and Avery. Highlights from the evening include gifting Golden Globes host Jo Koy a PB&J sandwich, fangirling over Gabriel Iglesias, and a heart-warming friendship bracelet exchange with President Barbie. 

In other news

Google Implements First Stage in the Removal of Tracking Cookies. Google is also working on some AI updates. TikTok is working on a new feature that will allow other people to add to your story and are introducing an AI text-to-image generator. TikTok is also increasing its seller fees.  X starts showing headlines in a new format for link previews again. And, X has also launched a “basic” tier for Verified Organizations.