Digital 2024: IN THE U.S. 🇺🇸

The latest report from We Are Social and Meltwater, Digital 2024: In The U.S., just dropped! Here’s a snapshot of some of the key headlines.

👑 While Facebook holds the title as the most utilized social platform in the U.S., TikTok takes the spotlight for the highest amount of time spent on the app, captivating users for 45 hours and 37 minutes every month on its Android platform.

📈 TikTok also tops the charts when it comes to mobile apps ranked by consumer spend, followed by YouTube and Max streaming service in second and third place.

Free delivery rules as the #1 motivator for U.S. online shoppers to complete their purchases! 🚚💨

📲 There’s been a noteworthy 16.5% YoY surge in the adoption of digitally enabled healthcare treatments and care among Americans.

And the annual expenditure on influencer marketing hit $4.92 billion 🤯, up 15.8% YoY.

The most significant YoY surge in viewership amongst those aged 16-64, shows a 10% growth in comedy 🤣 (meme, viral) video content and a 9.6% growth in sports-related ⚽ video content.

📉 Despite strong social platform results, not all report metrics favor the advertising industry. Disappointingly, only 10.1% of internet users aged 16-64 feel represented in advertising, marking an 8.2.% YoY decline.

🥇 Temu, TikTok, and CapCut claimed the top 3 spots as the most downloaded apps in the U.S. last year.

🍿 And to wrap, the Minions dominate the charts, securing 3 spots in the top 10 for the most streamed content on Netflix in 2023.

Digital 2024: In The U.S. is an extensive 136-page report, crafted from a diverse range of data sources, including insights from public and private enterprises, market research firms, and government agencies. Its contributors include GWI, Statista, and